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In the middle of looking for college scholarships, you probably have heard about Scholarship Owl. You might have visited the website and wondered if Scholarship Owl is legit or if is it worth the investment. To simplify things for our readers, we have put together this comprehensive Scholarship Owl review, which includes details and more.

Continue reading to learn about the details of Scholarship Owl is and how it operates, and whether it is worth the time and effort.

What is Scholarship Owl?

Simply put, Scholarship Owl is an application website and search engine for scholarships.

Its most famous feature is its scholarship application, where interested students fill in the details of their birthday, the field they want to study in, of study, their current school level, and much more. Doing this can streamline the process of applying and allow students to apply for various scholarships without filling in the same details repeatedly.

This search feature is useful, providing students with the same scholarships they have previously applied for so that they can increase the odds of winning one.

While it is simple and quick to apply for scholarships in only one click, most of the scholarships available on the site require an essay or other data. We recommend that you write a few of these as well to ensure that you do not reduce your chances of winning a scholarship, particularly if it is something you are keen on!

After you have submitted your application, Scholarship Owl will keep track of your scholarship applications for you. So, you will be aware of what you have applied for, and you will be able to rest assured that your application was accepted.

How Does Scholarship Owl Work?

To make use of Scholarship Owl, it is necessary to register.

You might think, “So, I have to fill in my information more than once?”

Nope! Sign-up is the process of applying for the Scholarship. When making an application, the information you enter is the same data used to determine your scholarships, and you need to fill in the information only once. The information requested includes your educational degree and gender, as well as date of birth and citizenship status, ethnicity as well as your, high school (and the date of graduation) as well as your college, the field studies, GPA, career goal address, and few additional information about yourself.

When you sign in, you will be in the running to be a winner of your ” You Deserve It” Scholarship that is offered each month to an adult who is a U.S. resident (P.S. We have a similar $500 scholarship at Scholarships360! You can apply by taking our easy match-up quiz for scholarships).

In this stage, you should be able to access the directory of scholarships that will suggest scholarship opportunities that “match” the information you have entered. A quick look will show details about the Scholarship’s title, deadline, and the amount awarded to each award. Go to “View T&C” on the website that hosts the scholarships for more information.

Does Scholarship Owl Cost Anything?

Scholarship Owl is thought of as a “freemium” service in that the basic features are free to use; however, additional “premium” features require payment for use. What are the Scholarship Owl features available for free, and which ones are not?

Good question. The process of creating a Scholarship Owl account and having the ability to see your scholarship matches is completely free. However, the option to apply directly for scholarships through the website is not (Note that this does not pertain to scholarships like the “You Deserve It!” Scholarship – which is cost-free). There are a variety of payment plans that have different pricing in terms of features, pricing, and times. This is a brief overview of each plan:

Scholarship Owl Payment Plans

Notification: Each payment plan lets you apply for scholarships through the website. In the breakdowns for each payment plan (see below), we will only highlight the attributes of each plan.

  • VIP
    • Price: $69/month
    • The bill is billed monthly.
  • Features:
      • Reapply automatically to renew scholarships
      • You can get a (1) 500-word article reviewed by a professional each month.
      • Access to more than 6 hours of college admissions/financial aid Content
    • Create your account with a personal manager
  • Monthly
    • Price: $20/month
    • The bill is billed monthly.
  • Features:
      • Reapply automatically for repeat scholarships.
    • Free 7-day trial
  • Quarterly
    • Price: $15/month
    • Each month, the bill is due.
  • Features:
      • Reapply automatically for repeat scholarships.
    • Free 7-day trial
  • Half Yearly
    • Price: $10/month
    • Each month, the bill is due.
  • Features:
      • Reapply automatically for repeat scholarships.
    • Free 7-day trial

You might be aware that the Quarterly, Monthly and Yearly half plans offer the same features at different prices, whereas the VIP plan provides extra services and content. If you are interested in the monthly, quarterly or the Half Yearly option, we suggest trying out the no-cost 7-day trial to see if you would like to sign up for the plan.

Is Scholarship Owl Legit?

Scholarship Owl is an authentic and reliable scholarship application website. Although some choices require payment, they are not required. The free services still offer value for students. For each “scholarship match,” a direct link to the site that hosts the Scholarship is provided, allowing students to apply directly (without having to pay).

However, what if Scholarship Owl is worth the cost? Let us see…

Is Scholarship Owl Worth It?

It is a bit subjective. If Scholarship Owl will be worthwhile, the cost depends on how much you value your time or your money greater (along with other aspects, obviously). Scholarship Owl allows students to quickly complete and start their application for scholarships and track their applications.

However, having browsed through my numerous websites for scholarships, I realize that Scholarship Owl is not the sole website in its class (and not the least expensive either). We will be looking at alternatives shortly; however, for the moment, we would suggest using the free version. You might not be able to directly apply to scholarship opportunities on the site in this manner. However, we are sure it is not that difficult to complete the application for scholarships. If you are bored filling in the same form repeatedly, you should consider listening to music or listening to a podcast while filling out the application.

Now, let us look at the options!

Scholarship Owl
Scholarship Owl

Alternatives to Scholarship Owl

Although Scholarship Owl’s application features are distinctive, many similar sites offer lists of suggested scholarships for students. If you are not sure about Scholarship Owl and are looking to test another option, we suggest trying these:


Scholarships360 is a no-cost site that does not require registration. We have a list of scholarships (with hyperlinks to the websites) separated into categories according to major or major background and interests, and many more. Apart from scholarships, we offer information about student loans and the process of applying for a Scholarship and the FAFSA and many more.

Chegg Scholarships

Chegg Scholarships is another free-to-use scholarship site, with there is no registration required. Students can use keywords to search for specific scholarships or input their grades as well as their GPA and age to view “scholarship matches.” Students can also research colleges on the site’s “Explore Colleges” tab.


Scholly is most likely the closest, like Scholarship Owl. It requires registration and asks for details about each student in order so they can match them to scholarships. Scores are given for every award (“Scholly scores”). It is suggested that applicants apply for scholarships with the highest scores first. School is not cost-free, but it is less expensive than Scholarship Owl (with the cheapest plan costing $2.92/month).

Scholarship America

Scholars America is another site that allows students to look for scholarships without cost. The scholarships are not as plentiful in terms of quantity, but you can apply directly through the website. To narrow down the list of scholarships, students can sort them by their availability and state/territory.


Cappex is the final scholarship site we will review that allows students to search for scholarships without cost. Registration is not required to find scholarships on the website. However, it must be completed to apply for the website.

These are only a few but not all options available on Scholarship Owl alternatives. Whether you think Scholarship Owl is right for your needs, many websites provide additional information about colleges that could help you with your college or scholarship search. We suggest you explore them, and we wish you luck with your application!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

How can you tell whether a scholarship is genuine?

Great question! There are some indicators to look out for when looking into scholarships. A few indicators that a scholarship may be fraud include: charges for application (or any other payment that is required) or the result can be “guaranteed,” or if personal financial details are requested. For more specific information, Check Official site

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