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Top Scholarship Programs Offered by UN, OSCE, EU, ASEAN

Scholarships Offered by UN, OSCE, EU, ASEAN

Each year, students across the globe can access various , scholarship Programs financial aid packages, and study bursaries offered by international organizations like the UN, OSCE, EU, and ASEAN as a source for financing their education or degree program. International opportunities provided through organizations like these could serve as great stepping stones towards furthering one’s academic or professional endeavors and becoming future leaders.

European and non-European students alike can apply and benefit from tuition-free programs focused on different disciplines of study at recognized universities across the world, whether training classes, bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D. studies, or nationality of the student.

Here, we present the Top Ten Scholarships Offered By United Nations, OSCE, EU ASEAN International Institutions

United Nations University Visiting PhD Scholarship Programs:

Formerly known as the Ph.D. Internship Program, visiting Ph.D. fellowships provide future doctoral students the chance to conduct research at one of the UN International Research Institutes that offer these fellowships. Fellows accepted into UNU-WIDER can take advantage of an opportunity to work alongside scientists from other Universities who share similar research interests while staying for three months in Helsinki – during this time writing research papers which can then be submitted for inclusion in WIDER Working Paper Series. Admission requirements to WIDER Working Paper Series require applicants to be in their Ph.D. programs and demonstrate their research abilities; successful candidates receive financial aid for travel costs as well as medical insurance premiums; in addition, an annual stipend of EUR 1,600 covers living costs while on fellowship in Helsinki.

United Nations University Scholarships Programs:

The United Nations University (UNU) is a postgraduate educational institution composed of several components, including its flagship Centre and associated multiple institutes and programs which collaborate closely with top research universities and institutes from the UN Member States. There are various United Nations scholarships available for master’s and doctoral-level students at UN University programs, each having its tuition structure; to follow successfully on official websites. Candidates should follow any hyperlinks associated with each particular UNU program on these official pages for application information and consideration. Students with outstanding academic records are eligible for financial assistance in the form of scholarships and tuition waivers from various sources, with scholarship opportunities limited and applicants applying as early as possible to ensure consideration by admissions staff. For students interested in these opportunities they must apply directly at admission time in the office of admission; only certain scholarships will be considered during application review.

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L’Oreal and UNESCO For Women in Science Scholarship Programs:

L’Oreal Corporate Foundation offers Fellowships through collaboration between them for female scientists who are engaged in researching humanity’s current problems through research. The purpose is to support female scientists as they make strides toward solving them using research – inspiring women through resources and information so that their research careers advance more easily. Each year there are 53 Fellowships offered across 53 national programs with applicants finding additional details via L’Oreal/UNESCO’s official site.

OSCE Scholarship Programs for Peace and Security:

Once again, this time it’s the same story – when will he learn that what’s being sold is unsuitable or worse, counterfeit? In any event, as is usually the case when dealing with these matters (in our experience anyway!) is to look forward to something better happening… Each year, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) run trainings aimed at professional students that provide them with information and orientation regarding conflict prevention as well as disarmament control, arms control, nonproliferation issues. Women should attend this program because its focus lies on women in policymaking on this issue. 100 scholarships will be granted to professionals within OSCE members and cooperation partners; an in-person course only available to women will take place; for more details of application dates and deadlines visit OSC’s website OSCE Website

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs):

International programs offered in partnership with a global consortium of higher education institutions. Successful participants of an EMJMD are granted either one joint diploma or multiple degrees upon completing the program. EMJMD will require students to pursue studies in at least two countries, although part of their studies could take place in partner institutions if there are enough available slots in their program (please refer to the official website for a full list of universities). It consists of 60, 90, or 120 ECTS credits depending on its length – between 12 months to 24 months in some instances – making this program open to graduate students worldwide with at least their initial higher education degree. Masters students who possess these qualifications are welcome to apply. EMJMD awards EU-funded scholarships to those most deserving. To be considered for Erasmus plus financial support, an applicant must first be accepted into their consortium’s program before being selected as the recipient of EMJMD’s prize award.

Directorate General Offers Bursaries to Conference Interpretation Students:

The Directorate General has extended study bursaries for those aspiring to become conference interpreters. EU members and candidate nations (Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, or Turkey) can all submit applications. Bursaries for the 2019-2020 academic years will cover approximately the tuition fees totaling EUR 2.400; therefore they represent an all-in amount. Candidates eligible to receive this bursary include individuals who either possess a college degree, or other equivalent qualification or have finished the final year of a program that leads to this goal. There are exceptions to this guideline which are detailed in an official announcement available on the European Commission’s website. At the time of bursary grants, preference will be given to applicants whose language and combination skills meet DG Interpretation’s current and future needs. Bursaries’ Evaluation Committees will make their final determination regarding eligible candidates on October 31st, 2019.

ASEAN Scholarships Offer Scholarship Programs in ASEAN Member Countries:

Outstanding students from ASEAN member nations may take advantage of ASEAN awards to study within its borders for one or two academic years in Singapore, Brunei Cambodia, or Indonesia, or further afield such as PDR Malaysia Thailand Myanmar Philippines Vietnam, etc. Students who apply will have opportunities to expand their academic knowledge, explore different university perspectives, and develop leadership, communication, and life skills while becoming eligible for scholarships depending on where they apply in the world. Criteria vary between nations when considering eligibility. All interested applicants should visit the ASEAN Scholarships site to gather further details. Generally, selection begins with a test, with successful test takers then invited for interviews – after passing this round they may receive scholarship offer emails as soon as available scholarships become available.

Canada-ASEAN Scholarship Programs and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED):

There is also the risk that by being on their website they could offend visitors who want to know who made these content creations and subsequently purchase these goods or services from these stores. In such a situation the best thing would be for all involved to remain neutral during such negotiations to preserve peace, unity, and freedom among peoples of different national and cultural origin. Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) Canada Canadian ASEAN SEED grants academic exchanges and scholarships that aim to decrease poverty within poorer ASEAN nations while working toward realizing what’s known as The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This program specifically targets SDG Goal 5, to achieve gender equality and empower females and girls, and Goal 13 which seeks to take immediate steps to address climate crisis effects. SEED scholarship funds are made accessible via collaboration and institutional cooperation agreements among Canadian as well as ASEAN institutions. To be considered eligible, applicants must be full-time students enrolled at their institution of choice at the time they apply and throughout their studies or research in Canada. Southeast Asian candidates interested in applying should inform their institution of their desire to apply, identify any existing institutional-to-institution collaboration between Canadian institutions and themselves, as well as request further details regarding the process for application and selection criteria.

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World Bank Scholarships Program:

The World Bank Scholarships Program aims at devising innovative approaches for developing capacity as well as stimulating economic development by investing in education. Since 1982, this institution has educated over 6,000 expert professionals in development from all corners of the globe. At present, the World Bank Scholarships Program offers two funding sources to mid-career professionals and researchers enrolling in graduate studies: Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJWBGSP) and Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program (RSMFP). Information regarding eligibility criteria is included with each solicitation for applications. Applications should come primarily from World Bank member developing nations or be free from dual citizenship with any developed nation; be in good health; and hold at minimum an undergraduate (or equivalent) degree awarded within three years before the application deadline date.

United Nations University – FTP Six-Month Training Program:

Each year, Iceland hosts the United Nations University Fisheries Training Program (6 Month Training Program or FTP for short). This postgraduate, six-month program of fishing education serves to strengthen FTP trainees in using their fishing expertise in organizations or their countries of origin. Among other aspects, seminars, field visits, tasks, as well as various tasks, will all take place, with trainees expected to carry out research related to their job in their home countries after finishing up. Scholarships may also exist for alumni accepted into any Icelandic university offering graduate study on fisheries studies (there may also be scholarships).

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