Steps for writing an Effective Discussion of a Research Paper

The main aim of the Discussion part of the research paper is to describe and elucidate the findings of the work you have done. The discussion of the research paper compare your work with previous literature. And explains new findings and ways to solve the existing issues.

The discussion part of the research will always connect to the introduction in terms of hypothesis and the research issues. It will also explain the literature reviewed to compare it with the recent research topic. It thoroughly explains the results obtained and practical application that are carried out.

Importance of a good Discussion

this part is usually considered as the utmost desired section of the research study. Because it is the most effective proof that as a researcher, you have the potential to critically think about any problem. Where you also add solutions to the existing problems or problems solved.

The discussion part is where you can explore the main purpose of your research. Its inferences in other dimensions of the study. This is the section where you discuss about the possible amendments that can be carried out in future research.

In this section, you need to explain the significance of your research and how how that can help or fills the gaps in the field. if suitable, this part of the research is where one can present their findings and the solutions to reveal the new gaps that has not been discussed in previous literature.

Some important rules while writing the discussion part of your paper

given below are some general rules while you sit to write your research discussion section.

  • Never repeat one idea again and again
  • Try to be very brief and clear about what you write
  • Stay away from jargons
  • For known facts use present tense. and for results obtained and references use past tense
  • If required use subheadings to differentiate between the sections and parts of your research




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