Student life and Living expenses in Milan Italy

Study BS, MS and PhD in Milan Europe

Study in Milan can be a dream for many  students because of beauty of the city and Lively people. The education in functional and state institutions in Milan offers courses in different fields such as science, arts ,design and fashion to achieve higher European education.
If we talk about the teaching plans in Milan they pays a very good attention in various scientific analysis and contemporary concepts. Milan institutions make an open study environment that helps you to grow into an innovative and self reliant person.If you want to develop your scope and to accomplish a successful career you should choose Italy’s city Milan for higher studies.

Study in Milan Italy

Milan city is famous in arts & crafts and music schools.If a student wants to study business or fashion designing Milan is the best option to consider for study.  Additionally Milan is good Study destination to study news writing,tourism,,communication,social sciences,legal disciplines and economics. There are various Subject choices to get degree at all kind of levels like PhD,masters and Bachelors. Milan institutions put a great focus on high-tech and scientific analysis and also provide an open educational environment,where students get everything to be creative and a brilliant.

Milan universities also offer short courses for various specializations like in  fashion,designing,marketing etc.In the summer session foreign students have an opportunity to improve their Italian language issues and also to know more about their chosen courses.In Milan universities the postgraduate programs are taught in e learning system.

Due to the increase in English speaking students Italian universities decided to teach some courses in English language but most of the courses are taught in Italian language.

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Lifestyle in Milan Italian City
Milan is famous in fashion,but also describes the culture of Italy. It is a very good place to play football in spare time. There are also some travelling and cultural places to visit in free time like sforzesco castle,duomo cathedral,national science and technology museum leonardo da vinci ,famous mural,interactive cinema museum,the last supper by leonardo da vinci in basilica di santa maria delle grazi and la scala opera house etc.
To play football people can go to san siro stadium where two fan-club of Italy host their matches fc internazionale and fc Milan.
This city is the main attraction of shopaholics because of Italian cultural fashion brands and the model fashion shows.
There are two connected canals situated in Milan as the tourism point.There are different gifts and cultural  shops ,restaurants and also hotels located there.

There is a whole other street for bars and party places and there is a specific time to party and drink called aperitivo which is mostly dependent on the time to keep a nice distance from one’s daily schedule. There are also  electronic music parties scheduled in night life.

Job Opportunities in Milan Italy

In Milan’s economy these are the significant industries namely textiles manufacturing, important research in the medical sector and biotechnology, chemistry, accounting as well as engineering.

Milan is supposed to be the heart of many huge and wealthy Italian companies such as Pirelli, Italy’s stock exchange, Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia, Cargolux, Versace, Corso Como, RCS Media Group, or Unicredit and many others. Rai and Mediaset have a powerful and significant presence in the media business of the city, creating it an attractive choice for students in advertising and networking fields.

Schools present in Milan Italy are working closely with essential public businesses to provide training chances to students that will asset such students in their future plans.

Internationals In Italian City Milan

Milan is basically a European trade and business spot for Italy. Milan creates the main foreign relationship on the basis of  individual or business issues and also connects international relations.20 percent or above foreign people are living in this city.There are alot of different cultural people living in Milan as the oldest traditional Chinese community is living in for many years. Similarly the Americans,British and Australians are settled in Milan for many centuries.

Climate of Milan City Italy

The climate of Milan can be forecasted in the summer season. It is very hot but most of the time it becomes foggy and stormy,and sometimes it snows momentarily.

Living expenses in Milan
Living place expenditure in Milan is about 600 to 1000 euros per month.If you want to live at a reasonable price try the student resident sites as

Accommodation expenses in Milan Europe

It costs 850 to 1450 euros per month because Milan is the most expensive city of Italy. The expenditure cost can make a huge difference in your education expenses.


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