Top 10 Universities in France for International Students

Best Universities in France for International Students

There are some of the world’s top universities in France and if you are applying to anywhere in France it is important to get knowledge not only about top universities of France but also those 38 which are ranked amongst all around the globe  which offer numerous options to your education needs.

Some of the top 10  universities are those which are ranked by times higher education as they propose the ranking of world’s best universities according to their quality of education and not only this, they classify the universities among each country as well to provide a clear image of the education system around the world.

 Following are The top 10 universities of France:

#1 Paris science et Research Letter University (PSL)

The university is equipped with the latest tools for research and comes in the top research institutions of the globe. It is located in Paris and has over 25 institutes of higher education and research centers across the city.They entertain a number of students around 2100 per session and charge tuition fee amount of approx 1800 to 3600 euros per annum. It also holds the trophy of 36 Nobel prizes which are awarded to the students of PSL.

#2 Ecole Polytechnique 

The students from this institute have done some remarkable contributions in history to give us the world we see today. For about 225 years It has been one of the leading institutions of science and technology, situated one hour drive from Paris. They charge approx 1100 to 15000 euros per year and entertain a number of around 3030 students per year.

#3 Sorbonne University

It is one of the best universities of the world, its campuses not only spread in Paris, France but a satellite campus of it also located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The university is a public research centre for the domain of medicine, humanities and science. they charged fee of around 6500 euros per annum and entertain the number of students approx 43000

#4 Centrale Supélec

It is the most renowned institute of engineering of France that is why it highly signifies as the house of innovation in fundamental and applied sciences. They charge around 10,000 to 20,000 euros per annum and entertain a number of 4300 students per annum and among them 3200 are students of engineering.

#5 École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

In this institute students are supported financially with their studies by expecting that they will work for betterment of the country once done with the studies they come as recruits from preparatory school of france. The institute works on learning and research and entertains about 2300 students in a session and charges approx 180 euros per annum.

#6 Sciences Po Paris

The university tops among the best universities in the world as well as in France. It has significance that this university has given France their 7 presidents and almost 13 prime ministers which makes this university significant for students by generating successful alumni and making it an elite place to study. The university is also known as the Paris Institute of political sciences and the  program offered here are political and social sciences. They entertain approx 12000 students per session and charge around 10,000 euros per annum.

#7 Telecom ParisTech:

Inspired by MIT this institute aims to be an MIT of France and offers a very selective number of programs like computer sciences and networking social sciences and also deals with communication and electronics. This institute has recently been added among top universities of France, they entertain around 1000 students per session as it is a highly selective institute and charges approx 2500 to 4500 euros per annum.

#8 École des Ponts ParisTech:

The infrastructure of the university describes the unique and impressive history of France and it holds the importance that the very first class taught by themselves without any professors.This university both postgraduate and undergraduate programs in various field of studies of science.They entertain around 2000 students and charge approx 1000 to 15,000 euros per annum.

#9 University of Paris

The university deals with many disciplines. It provides the most modernized and updated courses to their students to prepare them for future challenges and find solutions for them.They entertain approx 61000 students per year and charge a fee of 200 to 100- euros per annum.

#10 Université Paris-Sud:

It is a well established and largest university having an expertise in mathematics and science the campuses of this university is located in all over the suburbs of southern Paris and the most attractive feature about it as it is the cheapest university charges only around 500 euros per year thus entertaining the largest number of students i.e. 30,000.


Other great universities in France

  • Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

It is among the best universities of education of economics, law and business. It entertains approx 42000 students in a session and charges approx 7000 dollars per annum.

  • École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay

The university is best in many benefits comes by opting this as it is very close to the popular sights of France and it is the cheapest private university for international students which charges approx amount of 1500 to 1700 usd per annum located in quarter of latins, it entertains around 1500 students per year.

  • Université Grenoble-Alpes

The university was reopened in 1805 by Napoleon when it was shut down during the french revolution. This university deals in the domain of Law and order and offers programs of canon law, civil law and liberal arts. They charge approx 700 to 1300 usd per annum and entertain students around 42000.

  • Université de Strasbourg

The university is considered the best international university of students from around the globe and it has the most numbers of international students which studies law, political sciences, management and economics. Although its history dates back to the 16th century, they were renewed recently in 2009. The university charges the amount of approx 200 USD per year and thus entertains a huge number of 50,000 students.

  • Université de Bordeaux

This university is called the ‘campus of excellence’ For the quality of courses, academics and researchers offered here it is one of the best and top universities of France it charges approx 700 to 1300 USD per year and thus entertains a number of 60,000 students.

Université de Montpellier

The university is situated in south east of France and offers a research center to the student as it is a public university it holds the great importance of being the oldest university of the entire world and not only of France it was established in 1289. It charges the amount of almost 1000 USD per year and entertains almost 40,000 students in a session.

  • Université Aix-Marseille

This is the newly found university and it offers a vast number of fields of study and provides high quality education.It  has the highest number of students i.e aprox 80,000 and charges around 500 to 900 USD per year.

What is Alternate Solution  for tuition Fee in France?

There are plenty of universities that teach online tuition free but also provide quality and unique education to the students and they can get their degrees just by sitting at home. Because it is not feasible for everyone to afford and travel to France and not realistic to leave their families.

How do France rank universities?

Different ranking systems use different tools for rankings of universities. Like THE (times higher education) compiles the research citation, teaching qualities and academic researches of universities to make an informed ranking from around the globe.

QS ranking system works on the academic surveys and collects the reputations of universities, information of millions of academics from all over the world and thus ranked accordingly.

Whereas, another system called the Academic Ranking of World Universities which follows the research citation of alumni of the universities and numbers of  nobel prizes attained by the university and they also focus on the quality of research.This system has been introduced by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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