STUDY IN FRANCE: Can we Study in France for Free?

Education System in France

For french universities, all foreign students have to pay more tuition fees than they used to from autumn 2019 and onward, It is a huge change for student who used to pay around 150 to 200 euros only, which was rather free system of studying but international students has also been offered three times much more scholarships by french government.

You can have all the important information about tuition fees in the Information given below

Is it Possible to Study for Free in France?

No, it is not possible to study completely free, a relatively small amount will be charged from you if you are a permanent resident or if you are from one of the countries of European Union which can also be classified in european economic era. You will also be benefited from this if you are a resident of Switzerland, Iceland or Norway. But if you are not from any of the above you have to pay much higher tuition fees in either public or private universities of France.

Does Everyone have to Pay Tuition Fees in France?

Yes, everyone has to pay some amount of fees. If you are from any country from european economic era you will be lucky to receive a huge bargain. On the other hand if you are from any other country like Asia or Africa you will have to pay much more than other students. There is also a french government agency named campus France that will have a detailed explanation regarding this.
Can i Study Free in France?

How expensive is it to be a student in France?

Although public universities offer same fee structure across the country but the difference is on the basis of residential status of the student if you are from EEA’s country you will only be giving 5% of the fees that any non EEA’s country’s student. For example if you are from Switzerland you will be charged only 170 euros for bachelor’s program while a student from Asia have to pay 2770 euros/ annum as per revised rates. In the same manner master’s, engineering have rates of 243 and 601 respectively for EEA’s students while others have to pay across 3770 euros. But for doctorate programs all have to pay only 380 euros either Students belong to EEA’s or non EEA .

Do Foreign students being Offered Scholarships?

Yes and the details are available on campus bourses tool for grants and scholarships. As french government has proposed higher availability of scholarships with the new fee structure.

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When will the Tuition Fees be Paid in French Universities?Academic year begins in September so the tuition fee will be submitted then.

why you should choose France as your study destination?

Does French Student Visa Require a Fee?

When applying for a university or for student visa which is also be called as VLS-TS visa you need to submit 99 euros and this will be paid when you get accepted from the school .By this visa you not only can study but can also get part time employment of 20 hours a week and can travel easily in between the countries of Schengen. You need to validate your visa on your arrival to France within 3 months and it will cost you 60 euros more.

How Much does it Cost to live in France per Month?

It is not that expensive to live in a smaller cities like Lyon or Toulouse around 1000 euros would be enough including residence, but in Paris like city you need around 1500 euros at least for a month and by living in a hostel or student’s hall of residence as it is the capital so it might get more expensive.

Suggest some Top universities of France?

You can easily browse international rankings of universities of France but among the top there are two universities that are considered best universities of Europe i.e École Polytechnique and Sciences Po. The universities in France are very popular for research and teaching.

Top Universities in France

In which time of year do the admissions close in French Universities?

Since their new sessions start from autumn so most universities close their admissions in February and April of the same year. But  from 2020 and onwards this might be changed in consideration to reforms of international students, But for assurance you should consult the university you want to apply to.

What other Countries offer Free Education?

Some of the countries are popular in offering low or no tuition fees like Germany, Norway, Poland and Austria but there are not many countries in Europe which offer a free education system. Norway offers technically no tuition fee but the living cost is much higher there, that it compensates all the costs compared to other countries. Like universities in Austria or Poland 1500 to 2000 euros per annum which is quite affordable and it is smart to choose a cheaper country with some tuition fee for education purposes.

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