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UPG Sustainability Leadership Program USA 2023-2024

US Exchange Program

The UPG Sustainability Leadership program 2023 offers a wonderful opportunity for people with influential leadership qualities. This program offers organizations the chance to bring about positive change in their communities. The UPG Leadership Program in the USA is the largest program for young adults. This fully funded leadership program encourages individuals and groups to take on at least one project to make a difference in the world. The program also creates a network that includes world-class speakers, trainers and leaders, which can be a valuable asset to participants for their entire lives.

UPG Sustainability Program is focused on projects that meet the United Nations’ sustainability agenda. UPG Movement is a movement. It promotes both “Green” or “Environmental Sustainability” and “Social Stability”. The young leader’s movement encourages youth to act with what they have, and what they love, without waiting for others. The global young leader’s movement encourages all levels of society to be little drops of positive change.

This program is the flagship activity known as the  UPG Sustainability Leadership Program. It was launched in 2019. Since then, 586 leaders have been trained and 120 have had the opportunity to travel free to the United States. Fully-funded international leadership programs are a capacity-building program that trains communities to shift from “Ideas AND Goals” to “Positive Actions”. During their UPG program, the young adults are given challenging assignments that make them more confident and better equipped to meet the demands of the real world. These assignments could be about managing the project, or how sustainable development can contribute to the economy, politics law, culture technology education.

United People Global Leadership offers prospects the opportunity to join forces to create a better world. Because of the support and collaborations of influential partners, the movement has been a huge success. UPG’s young leaders are invited to join the “Community of Champions”, where they can showcase their projects and share their ideas with other smart and educated minds. This fully-paid US program features a commitment by these champions to sharing their UPG skills with their communities in their home countries and continuing to complete at least one project for change in their local community. UPG leaders is looking forward to having committed people in their community.

UPG Sustainability Leadership Program USA 2023-2024:


  • United States of America


  • United People Global


  • Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership


  • One Week

The UPG Leadership Program in America 2023-2024:

  •     A week of leadership experience at the USA Hurricane Island Center of Science and Leadership.
    • This fully-funded USA program will select 60 participants from 500 applicants.
    • Participants will be issued a certificate after completing the program.
    • Participants will be made lifetime members of “Community of Champions”

 The UPG Sustainability Leadership Program 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidate must be aged between 18 and 35 years.
  • Any nationality is acceptable for the candidate.
  • Candidates can be from any race, gender, and educational background.
  • Candidates must be open to making positive, sustainable changes.

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Application Procedure for the UPG Sustainability Leadership Program in 2023?

  • Candidates must apply online.
  • A strong personal statement must be made by the candidate.
  • Candidates must justify the potential impacts of their projects.
  • Create a strong profile and provide all the relevant answers.
  • A 2-minute video is recommended in which you answer one of the questions from the application or tell about yourself.
  • Before the application closes, the video must be uploaded in English.

 Application Deadline:

  • Deadline to Apply: 31 December 2022


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