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Community Solutions Program 2023-2024 USA | Fully Funded

Community Solutions Program USA

The Community Solutions Program 2023-2024is an opportunity for professionals who want to develop their leadership abilities as part of the education program for leadership. In 2023 it will offer the CSP is a one-year , highly competitive program which allows participants to aid in the development and more prosperity of their community enjoys. Furthermore it is an program Leadership and Exchange program provided by the USA provides a space for participants from around the world to take part in discussions and learn from each other and as well.

It is the IREX Community Solutions Program 2023 is four months of fellowship within the United States. For the duration of the four-month the fellows will be part of the organization throughout the U.S. Furthermore, this fully funded exchange program offers full-time work experience that extends the reach of the fellows and creates influential leaders in the coming years. CSP fellows have made an impact in their respective communities. CSP fellows have had an impact regarding gender equality as in advocacy and climate protection and climate protection and numerous other positive impacts on their communities.

It is called the IREX International Fellowship Program is an initiative of the U.S Department of State and is supported by the U.S. Government. Through the fully-funded fellowship program offered throughout the USA Fellows are an integral element of the Community Leadership Institute. The Institute provides the most elite level of participation and offers them specific program and individualized coaching CSP fellows CSP have the opportunity to develop their management abilities and their leadership abilities by undergoing face-to-face and in-person training and online classes, as well as professional advice and through the community which comprises alumni. The U.S. Community Solutions Program is founded on programs that aid communities to lift their own self-esteem. CSP Fellowship ensures that participants return to their communities with the capability to carry on the program through a community actions plan. This year the Community Solutions Program is celebrating 10 years of global impact. The efforts of the efficient and proactive leadership of CSP has made this celebrations feasible. Since the inception of this fellowship, which is the highest-paid and fully-paid the CSP has produced 748 fellows across 83 nations that have touched more than 600,000 people via their community development initiatives. Actually, the IREX leadership program consists of several partner organizations that span more than 130 U.S. cities. Thus the program, with its wide range of assignments provides the most satisfying and enriching experiences for worldwide CSP fellows.

Community Solutions Program 2023-2024 in the USA:


  • USA


  • International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX)


  • Department of U.S. State


  • 1 year.

 Countries Eligible for IREX Community Solutions Program 2023-2024:

  • Africa: Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe
  • East Asia and the Pacific: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu, and Vietnam
  • Europe: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine
  • Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and West Bank/Palestinian Territories
  • South and Central Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
  • Western Hemisphere: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, and Venezuela

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 The Community Solutions Program 2023-2024 Benefits:

  • The J-1 visa assistance will be provided to the participants.
  • This fellowship is designed to pay for expenses associated with travel for participants travelling from their hometown to America. U.S.
  • Participants will be given monthly allowances for food and housing and other living expenses.
  • The participant’s injuries and health insurance are covered. care by.

 Community Solutions Program 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must be between 25 and 38 year old (as 01 January 2023).
  • Candidates must also be citizens of one of these countries.
  • They must also be resident and employed in their country of residence.
  • If the applicant is granted statutor of refugee and is active in the community from which they come from, they will be given priority.
  • Candidates must have at least two years’ experience in community development whether full-time or part-time workers or even volunteers.
  • The applicant is not currently enrolled in an academic year, or participate in any research project in the U.S.
  • Candidates must be have fluency at English. Candidates are likely to be required to submit IELTS or TOEFL outcomes. (if chosen as semi-finalists)
  • A candidate must be in the position to travel to America. U.S. for four months between August and December 2023.
  • The applicant cannot be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S. or have applied for U.S. citizenship.
  • The applicant must not currently be employed at IREX or have any family member who is IREX employees.
  • The students must be committed returning to the country they were born in for a minimum of two years after the completion in the program.

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Application Procedure for the IREX Community Solutions Program 2023?

  • The applicants need to submit an online application via the IREX on-line application procedure.
  • Make sure you are capable of answering every question, and especially those marked by the red. If you do not have an answer simply note”N/A. Do not leave any blank areas. Answers should be written in English aside from the names and the location (the names and places do not require any translations to English simply write them in an English alphabet).
  • A person is only able to submit only one online application. If an applicant is applying to several email addresses at the same time the applicant is not eligible.

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline to submit an application for the IREX Community Solutions Program in the USA 2023 is November 2, 2022.


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