Acceptance Letter Samples For CSC Scholarships

Acceptance Letter with Examples and templates

An Acceptance letter is a letter of permission granted by the Chinese university lecturer that he/she decides in his/her institution to acknowledge the Foreign Student. Continue emailing Professors for Acceptance right now. Check biography of professors relating to the sector that you selected send emails to them and don’t grab emails from everyone else.

Also numerous Educational institutions have recommended foreign students to have an acceptance letter from the university lecturer where he/she is studying and some institutions have no acceptance letter requirement, but it is a positive indication for you if you have an unconditional offer.

How To Get a Letter of Acceptance?

  • Find out if CSC Scholarships are sponsored by your chosen Chinese university.
  • Check out the targeted Faculty List of Universities.
  • Find professors that fits your profession and contact them for a letter of acceptance.

If you are searching for a high-ranking university/university, you would be preferred if you really need to seek for an acceptance letter. If you are searching for a university with a small quota of places, you would be favored if you also try for an acceptance letter.

Remember: If the Chinese professor deals with your description, it is possible to ask the instructor to write a letter of approval and return it directly to him. He will sign the University Official Document by email and send it to you. If you’re approved by some professor at a university, you’ll have more opportunities. There are 2 Acceptance Letter Samples below. You can get an idea and write your own letter of acceptance. Don’t copy to from any source to avoid plagiarism.

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Sample number 1 for letter of Acceptance

I approached to oversee his degree was in (University Name), China by (Mr. Your Name). I appreciate his interest in the( university name) under CSC 2021 (China Scholarship Council) in seeking his (Degree Level & Program name).

To talk about certain certificates, I got his CV and transcript. I discovered that he had a strong academic record after reading his papers and did outstanding work on his Degree Level & Program Name. In view of that, under my guidance, I would like to recognize him as a candidate at the Degree Level in our Department term.

The CSC Scholarship will pay university tuition costs, lodging fees, monthly stipend, medical benefits, and regular scholarships, but this approval offer is dependent on the Chinese Scholarship Council’s effective economic resources.

I am also pleased to announce that I am satisfied with his level of English, which is enough for him to continue here in China and support research. I hope this letter will help him to obtain the CSC Scholarship and visa to China.

Feel free to email me if you have any issues or queries.


Signature of professor.

Name of department.

Name of university, China

Gmail. ABC @ yahoo.com

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Acceptance Letter Sample 2:

To which this may relate,


I’ve been informed by Mr. /Mrs. Student Name in University Name, China to oversee his graduate work. I got his biography, statement of intent, and your degree name transcript. I checked all of these after obtaining his records.

In academic career, I support his ability and current work. I therefore consent to monitor the name of the student for his degree studies in China. With his addition to the name of the institution and scholarship incentives here in China, I hope him best of luck.


Signature of professor,

Name of department.

Name of university, china.

Email address.



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