How to Write a Good Synopsis for Thesis? Step by Step process

Synopsis Writing and Tips

Writing a good Synopsis for Thesis is an important task to do in research. Synopsis is a general idea or discussion about your idea or work you are going to do or you have done in your thesis. In brief it is a short summary of your thesis. Overall , a synopsis that you are going to write has something more important than just a summary of your thesis.

Generally Synopsis is not as brief as you think. Its an important document where one has to write a detailed description of the project, Its history background and then the preparation methods. Each part of the synopsis should be referenced with facts and figures so that the read can understand what you have done in your thesis.

The synopsis introduces the reader about your thesis what to expect and at the same time it give suspense about your whole work that you have done in thesis. It is one of the main document which is required by your professor before he reads your thesis.

A synopsis for MA, MPhil or PhD should include some basic and important components in it. Where some necessary questions have to answered accordingly. Such as Why this project is important/ Why research should be carried out on this topic? What are the drawbacks of previous research? What has to be done in future and what are you going to do to solve the issue?

Components of a Synopsis

The following topics or components should be covered while writing synopsis for your thesis. These can vary from subject to subject.

  1. Title page: The first and foremost thing is selecting a title for your synopsis. it should not way to long or too short
  2. Topic: The Topic of the research should be very specific and selective. it should not be very general and select it very carefully.
  3. Introduction: it is short overview of your research work and project.
  4. Review of Literature: a review background of the previous research or literature is an important part of the synopsis. Where you have to write about the previous work done in the proposed research topic. It will help the researcher to plan your work in a more appropriate and correct way.
  5. Significance of the study: Here you have to justify why you have chosen the topic to work, why is it important and what can you do for the society or the environment.
  6. Statement of the Issue: you have to clearly define the problem or issue you are going to solve in your research.
  7. Methodology and Techniques: to do research one need some basic facilities or equipment’s to carry out the experiments or theoretical study. for example in chemistry or physics you need instruments to carry out your experiments and to do characterization. so here you have to mention the facilities you will need while conducting your research on the specific topic. and also mention the methods that you will follow to do your work.
  8. References: References are the sources that you have to highlight or mention that helped you to carry out this study.

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