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Scholarships for Arts

 Art Scholarships! Do you think that all “good” scholarships are for academics, sports, or even volunteering? Do not be fooled by creative artists! The following list of scholarships is an entry point in the paint bucket. There are just as many scholarships as there are art forms. A few art scholarship applications require essays, while others include Duck Tape, and some require an artist’s portfolio; however, all are worthy of taking a look.

These artist scholarships are also a great opportunity to demonstrate that your talents are unique from others!

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The renowned French painter Henri Matisse once said that “Creativity takes courage.” You already have the confidence to be creative, so go one step further and submit an application for a few scholarships.

The top Art scholarships in 2022

$2,000 Lionz Alliance – Florida Fine Arts Scholarships

  • The eligibility criteria are: Florida High School seniors who plan to pursue the field of art (underrepresented minority groups and Central Florida applicants prefer)
  • Amount: $2,000
  • Deadline: June 15, 2022

$1,000 KBK Artworks Scholarship

  • Eligibility Seniors in high school, undergraduates or graduate students interested in pursuing an art degree (must be able to submit a portfolio submit along with volunteer experience with a non-profit organization)
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Deadline: July 1, 2022

$1,000 Michigan Future of the Arts Scholarships

  • The eligibility criteria are Michigan BIPOC juniors and seniors from high schools or students studying the field of design or art.
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Deadline: May 19, 2022

$1,000 WCEJ Thornton Foundation Music & Art Scholarships

  • The eligibility criteria are High school and undergraduate students interested in studying the arts in higher education.
  • The amount is $1000 (five $1.000 scholarships can be given out!)
  • Deadline: July 1, 2022

Against The Grain Artistic Scholarship

  • Inclusion: Asian American college students who are pursuing a degree in visual, performing arts or mass communications, and journalism.
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Deadline May 31, 2022

Innovation in Education Scholarship

  • Ineligible: Low-income junior and senior high school students or undergraduate students planning to attend art school.
  • Amount: $500
  • The deadline is the 20th day of every month.

Ocean Awareness Contest

  • The criteria for eligibility are Students ages 11 to 18 who have created an art piece in the genre they choose, which includes film, visual art, poetry, music, prose, multimedia and interactive.
  • Quantity: Scholarships worth from $100 to $1,500
  • Deadline: June 13, 2022

Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award

  • Ineligibility Students who are full-time between the age of 8-18
  • Amount: $10,000
  • Deadline: September 1, 2022, November 15 , 2022, February 1, 2023, April 15, 2023
  • High school seniors are required to apply before November. 15, 2022.

Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

  • Ineligibility School students from the high schools who design prom dresses using duck tape
  • Amount: $500 to $10,000
  • Deadline: July 31, 2022

Future Designer Art Scholarships

  • The eligibility criteria: For eligibility to receive this award, students must be a new (graduating from the high school of their choice) or a college student who creates a holiday greeting card
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Deadline: November 1, 2022

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

  • Ineligibility students aged 13 or over in grades seven up to 12 may be eligible to receive awards.
  • Amount: $500 to $10,000
  • Date of Deadline :Late early January or December 2023. Start creating today!

Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest

  • The eligibility criteria are Students in grades 9-12 in the United States.
  • Amount: Up to $31,000
  • The deadline is the 31st day of March each year.

Interpretive Fellowships at Art Museums

  • Eligibility Students who have completedB.A. M.A. and Ph.D.programs related to art historians and art education and museum studies or studio art.
  • Amount: $30,000
  • Deadline The April 1 of each year.

Academy of Special Dreams Art Scholarships

  • Ineligibility Individuals with special needs who have applied to and already been admitted or are currently at an institution of higher learning, a university or college or art school, trade school, or any other degree-granting programs. The student must have a stated interest in studying or majoring in art.
  • Amount: $250 to $1,000
  • Deadline: Rolling

College-Specific Art Scholarships

Always inquire with your university or college (or colleges you are considering) for opportunities to receive a scholarship in the field of art. Many colleges offer scholarships to students with special talents in the arts.

The majority of college-specific awards for artists require applicants to provide a portfolio that will form the application’s main component for an award of artistic merit.

Here are a few schools and universities that provide specific art awards:

Denison University (Granville, OH)

  • Denison provides Denison’s Michele Myers Fellowship in the Arts to talented artists of the visual arts.

Drew University (Madison, N J )

  • The Drew Scholarship for the Arts is worth $1000 each year.

Kenyon College (Gambier, OH)

  • Kenyon provides scholarships of $15,000 annually, which is renewable for Studio artists.

Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)

  • SMU offers artist scholarships which vary in the number of scholarships offered. The average award is $5,000 per year.
  1. Olaf College (Northfield, MN)
  • St. Olaf offers talent-based grants to artists. They are worth $6,000 per year, renewable.

Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)

  • Wake Forest offers scholarships valued at $64,000. This is equivalent to $8,000 per term, which is renewable for eight semesters of undergraduate studies (20 scholarships are offered every year)

Many frequently asked questions about art scholarships.

How can you apply for an Art scholarships?

A good starting point is this list! We have reviewed all of the scholarships for art on this list to ensure that they offer great opportunities for students studying art. Also, it would help if you looked up the websites of the institutional interests you. For instance, Kenyon College offers an annual scholarship of $15,000 to a handful of students in the studio arts.

If you hope to get an art-related scholarship, it is an excellent idea to have an organized portfolio. The guide offers suggestions from professors and graduates on how to prepare your portfolio to be a hit with admissions officials. Be sure to focus on your work and your artist statements.

Another excellent option for students studying art is researching the local scholarship program. Smaller scholarships such as these usually have fewer applicants, which means that each student is more likely to win. Consider talking with your guidance counselor or looking up the community for resources to locate opportunities.

Does FAFSA cover art school?

Yes! You can use FAFSA financing for loans, including the Pell Grant and federal student loans in every approved undergraduate institution within the United States. If you are applying for the graduate art program, you will not be eligible for this option. Pell Grant or Stafford Loans, however, you may be able to get loans that are not subsidized and loans.

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Are you able to use Pell Grants for art classes?

If the art college you attend has been deemed an accredited undergraduate institution, you are eligible to use Pell Grants to help pay for it! The grants can be as high as 6 495 dollars per year in the school year 2021-2022. This is a tremendous aid when it is time to pay your tuition. Be sure to complete the FAFSA at the right time to be eligible to receive Pell Grants and other federal aid.

To receive an Art scholarships , do you need to be a major in the field of art?

This question is contingent on a variety of aspects. Let us say that you are a senior school applying to receive an art scholarship. If you are applying to art colleges in the United States, they might not offer any other majors than art. If you are awarded an art scholarship, you must apply for it at the school, which means you will need to major in art.

You are a high-school senior and an artist, but you are unsure whether you would like to major in it now. There is still a chance to earn art scholarship money! If they are from your school or an organization, you are eligible for most art-related awards. Students just entering high school do not usually know what their chosen major is, so they do not think they must major in the art to get the award. For instance, Kenyon College’s $15,000 per year art scholarship does not require applicants to be major in art.

One possible possibility is students who receive renewal scholarships. If the scholarship is contingent upon the that you are an art student and you decide to change majors and you are unable to continue earning it, you may not be eligible to keep it. However is not necessary to pay back the initial prize. However, you cannot be able to keep earning.

If you are already at school and decide to apply for an art scholarship, The answer to this question will differ according to your circumstances. Certain scholarships may require that you pursue a major or minor in arts. Others could judge your application solely based on your essays and portfolio.

Upcoming Scholarships

Celebrate the West High School Art Competition

  • Inclusion: High school-age students from selected western states who can submit an original, two-dimensional artwork inspired by their experiences in the West
  • Amount: $200 to $1,500

Christopher’s’ Poster Contest

  • The eligibility criteria are Students from high school from grades 9-12.
  • Amount: $100 to $1,000

Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest

  • The eligibility criteria: It is available to students from all high schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Amount: $10,000
  • Opens: June 7, 2022

Doodle for Google Scholarship

  • The eligibility criteria: The scholarship program is available to all students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Amount: $5,000 to $30,000

Dolphin Galleries Art Scholarships

  • The eligibility criteria are: Students planning or pursuing any arts-related major.
  • Amount: $1,000

Frame My Future Scholarship

  • Eligibility: High school seniors planning to enroll as full-time students and current undergraduate/graduate students at U.S. colleges and universities
  • The amount: Amount: $6,000 or $2,500 $1,000, $500, and $6,000 Scholarships are offered and each winner gets frames that are custom-designed!

John Lennon Scholarships

  • Ineligibility: Current student or alumnus/alumna of a U.S. college or university between the ages of 17-24 who can submit an original song of any genre
  • Amount of $20,000. (three will be presented!)

Krylon Clear Choice Art Scholarships

  • The eligibility criteria are Seniors from high school and college freshman/sophomore students.
  • Amount: $1,000

Selectblinds $1,000 Scholarship

  • Eligibility: The applicants must be students in an approved high school, college, or university in the United States.
  • Amount: $1,000

Taco Bell Live Mas Scholarship

  • Eligibility is available to students aged between 16 to 26 who have submitted video entries about their passions in life.
  • An amount of Between $5,000 and $25,000 annually
  • Opens: November 1, 2022

Young Filmmakers Contest

  • Ineligibility students in the 3rd grade to 25 have submitted films that range from 3 to 8 minutes on our planet and sustainability.
  • Amount: $200 to $2,000

Women Sharing Art Scholarships

  • Scholarship Description
  • The Women Sharing Art is sponsoring up to $2,000 worth of art awards to young women who are deserving of it from the 12th grade, in conjunction with high school art classes across Suffolk County. WSA will review the portfolios of any female student whom her teacher selects. She will then submit her works for consideration by Women Sharing Art. The winners of this award are required to be planning to pursue an art degree. Applicants must submit at least three pieces that show their artistic talent and a maximum of five pieces for each student for consideration by WSA’s Women Sharing Art scholarship committee. The work selected should demonstrate the students’ versatility in their media and their strongest work in their art. The use of a different medium for each entry is recommended. As a separate attachment, applicants must attach a short artist’s statement on the artist and how they plan to use the scholarship money. To learn more or apply, go to the scholarship provider’s website.

Visual Art Scholarships

  • Scholarship Description
  • The Women’s Caucus for Art of Greater Washington, DC (WCADC) provides a scholarship to students in the twelfth grade who are enrolled in an institution of public education within Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia in the past two years. WCADC is a non-profit organization that promotes and rewards the artistic talent of D.C., MD and VA BIPOC female-identified students. Students submit their applications online and will upload their original compositions and process folios and other documents required. Students may seek the assistance of a Women’s Caucus of Art mentor to perform a portfolio assessment and/or help in the application process. Students must be currently in the twelfth year of any public school within D.C., MD, or V.A. and have plans to attend a 2- or four-year university or college as a Visual Arts major. Should be U.S. citizens and have been in public schools within D.C., MD, or V.A. in the last two years. The scholarship can pay for tuition, room and board on campus and instructional resource costs at any university or college. The application must be submitted at 11:59 pm on the 1st of April. To learn more about the scholarship or apply, visit the website of the scholarship company.

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