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Fastweb Scholarships It’s that simple. After creating your profile, you will have access to more than a 1.5million scholarships. This is $3.4 billion in funding available for students just like you.

Manage and organize your lists.

It’s easy to track your scholarship search with us. You can choose which scholarships you would like to apply for, which ones you don’t want and which you have already completed.

Get Fastweb scholarships that you could win!

Apply for scholarships that you are already qualified for. Fastweb makes it easy for you to apply, but you don’t have to do it all.

What are Fast Web Scholarships

Many parents, high school students and current college students are surprised to learn that there are thousands to thousands of scholarships for college students in the United States.

A scholarship is a money that you don’t have to repay after graduation. Scholarships are not student loans. They are gifts that do not need to be repaid. Applying for scholarships is a must for college-bound students as well as current students.

Scholarship money can be used for tuition and fees, room and board, and sometimes the hidden costs of expensive university textbooks.

It can be overwhelming to find scholarships for college students or college-bound students. Parents and students need to learn how to apply for scholarships and find scholarships to help pay college costs. A complete list of college scholarships is the best way to do so.

Register for your Profile

Create a profile using your strengths, experience and background in under a minute. Your profile will be used to secure the scholarships you are applying for.

Register for free and create your profile to match scholarships that you love.

Check out Your Fastweb Scholarships Matches.

Our huge database includes all types of scholarships: merit-based, high school and college students, Minority scholarships, state-based, grade level, featured scholarships, and many more. Find scholarships that match your profile easily.

Log in each day to view your matches. This list will help you determine which scholarships you should apply for first.


Fastweb’s database algorithm was created to help you locate the right scholarships to submit for. Your qualities make you an ideal candidate for scholarship; they match you.

Apply early and often to increase your chances of winning.

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