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Gates Cambridge Scholarships 2023-2024 | Online Application Process

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The Gates Cambridge Scholarships 2023-2024 session is a fantastic chance for students with extraordinary intellect who want to pursue professional study. The program was first introduced in the fall of 2000, when an act of parliament and the Melinda Gates Foundation donated US$210m to the University of Cambridge, which was the largest donation ever made to a UK University.

Each year Gates Cambridge provides a chance to win c.80 fully-funded scholarships. The program is open to up to 90 students who wish to complete a permanent postgraduate Ph.D. and Master’s program in any of the majors offered by the University of Cambridge.

The university gives nearly two-thirds of these scholarships to Ph.D. students, with nearly 25 offered for the US round, while the remaining 55 are available in the International round. The Gates scholarship will cover all costs of tuition for a Ph.D. Cambridge University. In addition, it provides additional and discretionary funding.

The Gates Master’s maximum duration is 2 years, and it is the Gates Ph.D., Scholarship may last as long as 4 years.

The Value of Gates Cambridge Scholarships

The Gates Cambridge scholarship for international students will cover all expenses of attending Cambridge University. The scholarship goes beyond it and provides a fund of discretion for students. Here are a few of the expenses that the school is responsible for paying.

  • Complete University Tuition Fees
  • Maintenance Allowance: Each student receives PS17,500 over 12 months at the current rate. For Ph.D. students, the award is awarded for up to 4 years.
  • A round-trip Economy Air ticket for both the beginning and final of the course
  • It also covers Inbound Visa costs and the Health Surcharge for Immigration.
  • The scholarship grants academic development funds. The funds vary from PS500 to PS2,000 based on the course duration. Attending conferences and classes.
  • The family could also receive allowances up to PS10,120 for the first child, which could be increased to PS4,320 for the next child. (No funds are available for the parent)
  • Assistance for unforeseen situations
  • Funding for paternity or maternal care (Depends on the acceptance)

Gates Cambridge Scholarships Duration

You can apply for scholarships for both Ph.D. Degree and master’s degree through this program; however, the length of time for each will differ.

For Ph. D degrees, the award could last anywhere from 3 to 7 years. The students who apply for a master’s degree may be granted a scholarship for one or two years. The program only provides scholarships to full-time students. This option isn’t offered to students with a part-time schedule or who want to pursue an award.

Available Majors:

One of the main benefits of the most significant advantages of the Gates Cambridge scholarship provides is that it does not place any limitations on the majors you can choose to study. For instance, there are other universities, or private scholarships are restricted to certain areas that are not available. However, you can take advantage of this program to study in all fields. The main subjects you could choose from are:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Astronomy
  • Archaeology
  • Institutions that are independent of any School
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arts
  • Social Science
  • Humanities
  • Engineering (All Types)
  • Biological
  • Biomedical
  • School of Technology
  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Clinical Medicine
  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • School of Physical Sciences
  • School of Biological Sciences

The Eligibility Criteria for Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Gates Cambridge Scholarship is available to the US and international applicants if they meet the criteria for eligibility. The criteria include:

  • Any student who is a citizen of a different country (outside the UK) may apply for the scholarships open to students from overseas.
  • A student must apply for any course of study (full-time) within Cambridge University:- Ph.D. MSc/MLitt, Postgraduate course (Masters).
  • The applicants must demonstrate their academic excellence (experience or letters of reference and transcripts).
  • Why you should choose the program (you must make an argument for the particular postgraduate degree at Cambridge University).

A few of the elements that play a significant factor in the approval of an application for the Gates Scholarship application as it plays a crucial role in determining the eligibility of the applicant are the following:

  • With the ability to think on their feet, the applicant
  • The reasons behind choosing the specific course
  • A commitment to growth and making a difference in the lives of others
  • Leadership capabilities

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 Required  Documents:

Every student must submit several documents to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. They will need:

  • The online application form can be found on the official site.
  • Also, you’ll need to submit the gates Cambridge statement: You must compose a 500-3000 word essay and describe what you can do to meet the criteria required for the scholarship.
  • The Ph.D. applicants are likely to require a Research proposal.
  • Gates Cambridge reference: – The applicant will be required to provide an endorsement of their potential for this Gates Cambridge Scholarship. References should be sought from any professional official from any area.

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