How to choose an Attractive Research Paper Title?

Writing an attractive research paper Title is challenging for the new researchers. The title defines the main idea of the whole research. It is very hard to get attention from readers if the research paper does not have a good title. The good Title consist of limited number of words but it adequately represents the main purpose and contents of the research paper. If the title of a paper is too lengthy it contains many unneeded words. On the other hand  too short Title of a research paper does not provide enough information about the main idea of the research.

The Title  should convey the key purpose of the research paper. Else it is not going to describe the main idea of the paper.

Following parameters can help one to draw a perfect title of a research paper.

  • The main purpose of your research
  • Type of the Research you have chosen
  • Research Methods applied.

Select a Title with specific Keywords

The choice of  keywords in the topic depends to a large extent on the main purpose of the research paper. An Attractive Research Paper Title should have several  number of keywords. This can increase the impact of your research and can be found easily online.

If the important words in the Title are missing, then it can be too hard to search your research paper online. Keyword selection is not that trick, because the researcher already have idea about the  his/her research paper. You can explain your research in one sentence possible. After writing the sentence, you should exclude the unnecessary terms from the research topic and choose the one’s that have a greater impact on readers.  do not forget to add your research topic and results in the title.

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Avoid using jargon in an Attractive Title

Although your paper may have many terms that can be technical, you should avoid using these terms in the title. A well-formed Title of a research paper  will avoid jargon. This is for the easy understanding of the new researchers.  If using jargon is very important, then use it in the main topic or Title. if not then use very easy words so that the readers can pick your research idea. It will eliminate unneeded trouble for readers, thereby helping you to make the content of your research in may other aspect. To avoid jargon, you can take help from online software’s that gives you better ideas and alternative words such as google search engines and other online dictionaries. Using these , you can easily find alternatives to technical words or terms. It will assist you to develop a strong vocabulary.

Make the title of the term paper interesting

The title of the research should be eye catching. It shouldn’t just consist of the hard terms. If the topic or title of the research does not have any attraction towards readers then it is useless to write. One can compare the difference between good title and bad title by going through the past examples. to get better ideas researchers should read past papers related to the topic they have chosen.

Choose a good research topic to follow the guiding principles

Many scientific journals and related publishers give guidance on the titles of their research papers. You need to read them thoroughly, because this will help you to avoid a lot of problems. These criteria may be similar to the choice of keywords and amount of characters allowed.  Therefore, carefully check the publisher’s guidelines before choosing an attractive research paper title. This can help you in writing a perfect research topic for the paper. One another tip for new researchers is to read research titles of past reports and published papers.


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