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Study Plan Template-Example

Study plans are schedules that explain the study times and learning objectives for unique classes or courses. Much like a work schedule or a school schedule, a study plan and its outlines actual times for sure days and specific courses.

Make a study plan to become more organized and preserve or hold yourself for learning the goals. Even applying for scholarships or admissions, you will be requested to submit a study plan that outlines your targets and goals during your next course.

How a study plan should be written for a scholarship?

To compose a study plan for a scholarship requires appropriate thinking and proper time and the following assist that can help in lessening that time:

  • Write your complete name and your academic background
  • Your academic fulfillment
  • The last degree’s data
  • A reason to study in that country
  • Your learning goals
  • Your plan to accomplish learning goals, designation, and objectives
  • Your convictions about the facilitating nation’s way of life
  • Your abilities and conclusions


To begin with, define the aim of your look at the study plan. Is it for applying for scholarships? Is it for your university courses? A study plan to applying for a scholarship needs a touch more studies for university courses. Make sure to include all the knowledge that pertains to the aim of the study plan.


A timetable or schedule allows you to discover how much time you’re spending on which hobby or activity in your whole day. For example like, maybe you spend a pair of hours with your friends at the playground.

Create a schedule to take notes about all the activities you do throughout the whole day, whether or not it’s at home college, or any other place. Make sure that the notes you are taking are very precise. After that, you will observe your time table and determine where you may plug in a further hour of studying and where you’re going to lose an hour.

You can find personal Statement example here


Your timetable should be helped you to understand and decide what time could be more useful for your studies. Take that time and update it into your schedule.

In case your timetable suggests that Monday and Saturday from morning to ten are excellent for studying, then make certain you block the ones time in your timetable or schedule. Writing that time in your schedule will make you more comfortable to manage your study plans.


It is able to appear easy to miss out on one of the sessions of study to go on a small trip with your friends but however, it makes up the study time later in the week goes to cause you tension and stress. Try to actually stick to your timetable or do your plans on time. In some cases, if you skip once, you’re much more likely to skip again and again. Do and try your best to follow your schedule or timetable.


At the start of every week or at the start of every session of study, think and determine why you need to study and what would you like the most to study, what would you like to enhance, what you want to improve and what are the objectives, aims, goals, desires, and dreams you plan to achieve.

Study Plan Example

Study Plan for Master’s degree In Tourism Management

With this letter, I would like to express my interest for the program of Tourism Geography and
Tourism management
from Yangzhou University.

I am currently working as a social mobilizer/Tourism Manager at lemim travel and tours in my
country. I have studied 16 years MSc degree program in tourism and hospitality management at
university of Punjab Lahore (Pakistan). Having looked through the materials of the Foreign
Department of my university, I was very delighted to find the opportunity to pursue my Masters
studies in the field of Tourism Geography and tourism management at your University.

I have decided to apply for this program because I am sure it would strongly enrich my future studies and help me in my prospective career of tourism development. Moreover I consider this program’s as
a great opportunity to get in touch with the Chinese culture, traditions and educational system. Last
but not least, I am very curious about modern approaches of sustainability to boost the tourism
sector at the Chinese university.

During my prior studies I have found out, that I have to specialize in Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
Tourism approaches
. This program of Tourism Geography and Tourism management at Yangzhou
University gives me a chance to get in touch with such valuable knowledge and observation
through different approaches and techniques have been used in China in the field of Tourism

From previous two years, I am working in the field on tourism related activities at a
tour and travels in Pakistan, where I am trying to replace the traditional practices of tourism with
the innovative and eco-friendly tourism approaches. This program will definitely help me to
improve my intellectuals in this regard and I will learn several innovative and sustainable
approaches by experiencing them in different parts of China. This program will eventually develop
my skills and learning which will then enable me to implement the sustainable tourism approaches
in a real manner after completing my Master studies back at my own country.

I have been working on many projects in my professional career as a tourism manager which
brought awareness about the variety in the approaches of utilizing and developing the tourism as
a proper industry and a part of economy.by initiating and introducing various tourism related
activities which includes Adventure Sports tourism activities over the mountainous regions of the
country, Music concerts and awareness programs about the sustainability of natural resources and
its impact on the local community for several students of universities and schools.

But now I want to move to the next level and therefore I want to enhance my learnings to get aware about the successful techniques and measures which are necessary to carry out the sustainable tourism development and make it to contribute in the well-being of the local poor community in a
mechanized way.

This thinking make me to apply for this program of Tourism Geography and Tourism management at one of the best university of China i.e. Yangzhou University. I have decided to put my focus of studies in Master’s program on the “Role of sustainable tourism in economic development of the rural areas”. And this is because I always consider tourism as the future of the world’s economy as it is a major part of the services sector of economy in most of the countries today. In the same way, Tourism industry is also having the potential to support the fragile economy of the third world countries and on a micro level, it provides a great lift for the rural areas of any country in a drive towards its socio economic development.

Pakistan and China are having some similar kind of ecology and having quite of potential to boost the
development of its rural areas through the support of tourism industry. So, by focusing majorly on
the rural development of the rural areas of my country I would like to learn some useful practices
and will explore the innovative and modern techniques and philosophies from some of the best
intellectual faculty members in China at your university.

Pakistan have already starting working on the development of the tourism industry from past few
years as now the country leadership started to understand that tourism is one of the important part
of our services sector of economy and can provide some good base to support the rural economy
by initiating some valuable skill development and enterprise management programs of the local
people of different tourist spots around the country. At the same time, the local community of these
tourist spots in rural parts are also understanding the value of sustainable measures and techniques
in tourism supporting activities.

They are now aware about the real strength of their areas and therefore they are trying to protect their resources and are also trying to learn new skills in order to boost their chances of better earning through sustainable tourism approaches. Hence, the ground is all set here to apply the sustainable tourism approaches and practices with an innovative way of implementing them. In this way, the modern day requirements of the tourism industry will be matched without compromising the sustainability of the resources.

My this ambition of perusing my Master studies in the program of Tourism geography and tourism
management at Yangzhou university will let me to bring a positive change as a professional who
is committed not only to uplift the tourism industry on sustainable approaches but mainly, to improve the lifestyle of those people who are living in miserable condition now in the rural areas which are having a massive potential of generating the tourism economy. I would like to empower them in a way that will let them to explore, utilize, protect and grow the resources available to them for the  betterment of their own well-being as well as for the country’s overall economic support on a bigger level.

Moreover, I am confident that my experience in China would be extremely exciting, fun, and
valuable for both my studies and overall general development.
Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response.

Yours Faithfully

Download Study plan Example here.


We are pleased to have Dr. Bano as Our Guest Author. She is PhD in Chemical engineering and have many distinctions for her outstanding performance in Research. She is winner of Many national and International Scholarships.

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