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Quebec Merit Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024

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Students from all across the globe who would like to apply to the program of Quebec Merit Scholarships in Quebec are advised to apply. Vocational education, technical instruction (college level), and university studies, are available at the different levels. The program’s goal is to motivate worthy students to choose their futures by registering for an educational program with tremendous research and development potential and an enticing job outlook for those in the field.

In addition to giving students an edge in their future careers, successful students might also be eligible to receive financial aid throughout their time in Quebec. Students may also gain from being exempted from fees for international students and can save money.

Last but not least and most importantly, it is worth noting that the Regie de l’assurance Maladie du Quebec (RAMQ), which is the agency of the federal government responsible for health insurance concerns in Quebec and will also provide them with the mentioned insurance, making sure that all essentials are protected. So, let’s take a glance at the Quebec award available to students from abroad.

What is the value of Quebec Merit scholarships worth?

A Vocational Training Merit Scholarship awards $14,000 and runs for 90 hours, which is an excellent chance. 10percent of this award is equivalent to every 100 hours, the limit being $26,000 for an aggregate of 1800 hours. Additional hours are available only at the rate of 100 hours.

Technical Training Merit Scholarship Technical Training Merit Scholarship is worth $14,000, similar to its Vocational Training Merit Scholarship. The application process is made on an annual basis, not one based on merit. Annual reapplications have the restriction of three years, which is the same as the amount of time needed to complete this Technical Training Merit Scholarship program.

Regarding Merit Scholarships for University Studies, the specifics are different depending on the institution that awards them. For instance, doctoral research grants are typically given for three years with the possibility of a 12 months extension during the period. Doctoral research grants can be worth an annual amount of $25,000. If an extension is needed, an annual $1000 stipend is paid.

Postdoctoral fellowships at Quebec can be worth $35,000 in one year. This is $10,000 more than the previous entry’s value of $25,000. They cannot be renewed.

Additionally, short-term research or professional development scholarships with an annual value of $3,000 are available for 4 months. They have an annual value of $3,000 every month.

Apart from the value of money, We would like to point out that successful applicants could receive financial aid while studying in Quebec and have a competitive advantage in their job. Candidates may be eligible for a reduction in the cost of tuition that is associated with being international students. Their basic needs are covered by the Regie of the assurance health du Quebec (RAMQ). This government-run provincial organization is responsible for the health insurance system in Quebec.

Eligibility Criteria to be a candidate for Quebec Merit Scholarships

Vocational education Quebec Merit Scholarships

To qualify for Quebec Merit scholarships, students are required to be enrolled and participate fully in a vocational education program that can lead to the Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) or an Attestation of Vocational Specialization (AVS). The requirement that applicants are engaged in programs that offer strong chances of employment will be considered first must not be ignored.

Students coming from these three Asian nations comprising China, India, Japan, and those Brazil, and Mexico, are given preference over the other applicants. Students from the less developed regions of the Francophonie will also receive preference during the selection process.

Students from France are not eligible for this prize due to an agreement between Quebec in Canada and France.

Training in technical aspects (college degree) Quebec Merit Scholarship

An all-time commitment to a technical education program that leads to attaining the Diploma of College Studies is required (DCS) to be eligible for a technical education Quebec Merit scholarship. Any accredited institution located outside of the Greater Montreal region, regardless of the source of funding (private or public), can be considered included in the program regardless of funding origin (private or public). In addition, the citizenship of a country that is a member of the French-speaking space is mandatory.

University Quebec Merit Scholarship

To be eligible to receive the University Quebec Merit Scholarship, students must be enrolled in or conducting research at a school in the Province of Quebec. The following opportunities are open: doctoral programs (Ph.D.), postdoctoral studies, and short-term professional development or research fellowships.

How do I submit the application form for the Quebec Scholarship?

To fill out an application for the Vocational training Merit Scholarship application visit the Quebec metiers d’avenir online website and complete an application. After submitting your application, you’ll have to wait for Education International to review and examine your documents. After submitting all the required information, different academic institutions will look over the applications and pick the top candidates for their specific programs.

If you’re interested in applying to the Quebec scholarship for technical education learners (college level), You will have to choose the institution you want to attend before submitting your application. To apply for the scholarship offered by an institution of public importance, mail your application to the Federation of Cegeps. If you’d prefer to enroll in a private institution instead, send your application to the Association des colleges prices du Quebec (ACPQ). After the application is submitted, students are screened and chosen by an academic institution.

Finally, students at universities who want to apply for a scholarship in Quebec submit applications to the university they prefer. After careful consideration, institutions will conduct a pre-selection. Applications that make the top of the list will be sent to Quebec’s Fonds de research, known as Fonds de recherche du Quebec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT).

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The application process for Quebec Merit Scholarships opens in June. The deadline is in August.

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