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Graduate Award 2023-2024 (SINGA)

Singapore Graduate Award 2023-2024 is a merit-based prize for all international students with outstanding academic records. SINGA program 2023-2024 draws the most brilliant minds from around the world to pursue their doctoral studies at the top universities in Singapore. The graduates are able to pursue their doctoral studies in the area that relates to science or technology with this global fully-funded opportunity for scholarships located in one of the most advanced academically-advanced countries. The international graduate award is a full-time scholarship for research that allows fellows to be supervised by top-quality colleagues and supervisors that help fellows achieve the highest quality in their research and field of study.

SINGA seeks to attract students from all backgrounds, and it assists Singapore to develop into a center of talent. SINGA acts as a bridge between the top minds from around all over the globe and Singapore. Students from all over the world are able to study for their doctoral degrees at universities such as Nanyang Technological University, the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, and the Singapore University of Technology. This is due to the fact that Singapore International Graduate Award is an alliance between these universities as well as the Agency for Science. Thus, candidates who are interested in conducting research that leads to a PhD in Science and Engineering will be awed by this award.

This year’s Singapore government scholarship 2023-2024 Fellows will continue their studies in the creative and sophisticated labs of the A*STAR Research Institutes located in Singapore. They will also learn to live in a diverse and multicultural surroundings while working with the mentors and students from a variety of nationalities. In addition to all the academic advantages Fellows will also have a real-world experiences of how a small nation can be economically and socially wealthy and powerful. The fellowships in this PhD scholarship for four years will allow them to examine Singapore in all its aspects, whether in terms of education, culture as well as political. They will gain an understanding into the ways in which Singapore has grown into an important gateway to the emerging economies of the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, the international PhD award from Singapore offers international scholars with an abundance of valuable experience they can utilize as a means of influencing changes in their home countries. This fully-funded doctoral scholarship in Singapore is a distinct program since it allows for a PhD program right after completion of the bachelor’s degree. Furthermore there is no requirement that applicants who completed the master’s degree can not apply. Rather it is a matter of choice. SINGA option also allows graduate students degree to pursue their PhD by removing certain courses that students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees must complete to complete their PhD. Therefore, the international scholarship program is available in Singapore gives every chance for those who wish to apply to SINGA to realize its goal of bringing together talents across the globe and encouraging collaborations. The proof of the SINGA’s goal of collaboration is evident in the fact that SINGA fellows will receive degrees from any of these collaboration universities i.e. NTU, NUS, SUTD, and SMU.

 Fully Funded Singapore Graduate Award 2023-2024 (SINGA):


  • Singapore


  • A*STAR Research Institutes, NTU, NUS, or SUTD.

Courses Offered By:

  • The scholarship is awarded through the Agency for Science, Technology, Research, Singapore.

Program Level:

  • PhD/Doctorate


  • 4 Years.

Singapore Graduate Award 2023-2024 Benefits:

    • The monthly stipend is raised up to S$ 2500 when you are qualified for the initial examination.
    • The participant will be granted an air travel grant once in a while that is up to S$1500.
    • Fellows will be awarded an all-in-one settlement of S$1,000.
    • The settlement-in allowance will be offered as much as 1000 US dollars
    • SINGA will cover the entire tuition costs of recipients of the award.
    • Fellows will be paid an annual stipend of S$ 22,000.

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Singapore Graduate Award 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

      • SINGA requires no certification to prove English Language Proficiency as it is a test that can be taken in the course of an interview. However, an English Language Certificate can be required by the particular university.
      • Singaporean citizens or applicants who have already completed the tertiary level in Singapore cannot apply.
      • Candidates who want to apply to the master’s program are not qualified.
      • Only those who intend to pursue a Ph.D. in science and engineering are eligible.
      • PhD courses in humanities, social sciences economics, and the like are not considered to be eligible.
      • Candidates must be students from abroad.
      • The applicants must hold the bachelor’s degree.
      • The applicants must be able to demonstrate excellent academic record.
      • The applicant should be proficient of speaking the English language.

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Application Procedure for Singapore Graduate Award 2023-2024?

      • Students who are applying via the SINGA portal do not have to submit their applications on university portals in isolation.
      • Be sure for submission at least 2 weeks prior to the deadline date because once your application is received, the referees will be sent an email, and have seven days to finish and submit the letters of recommendation.
      • The applicants must write their research plans in the application forms.
      • The candidate is able to submit more than one , or up to three research proposals.
      • There is no requirement to call the supervisor you to submit an application for SINGA.
      • Candidates are able to apply in any area of interest for a PhD as there’s no requirement to pursue the specific field of study in the bachelor.
      • Candidates are required to upload all necessary documents online.
      • The applicants must choose the research projects they want to pursue by looking through the research projects in “Go to Research Areas”.
      • The referees need to submit the reference letters straight to SINGA.
      • The application process begins after at least two references letters are accepted by SINGA.
      • Soft copies of the necessary documents must be uploaded onto the application online.

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Documents Required for Singapore Graduate Award 2023:

        • A valid copy of your passport.
        • Recent passport-sized photos with a passport-size image in JPG or PNG format.
        • All transcripts of academic studies are translated into English language.
        • Two recommendation letters are required by referees on the internet.
        • English competence certificate (if requested by the school).

Application Deadline:

        • The deadline for applications to SINGA research scholarship is 1 June 2023.


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