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The Flinders University Scholarship 2024 in Australia. Fully-funded scholarships offered in Australia are provided from Australian Government. Students from all over the world are eligible to apply for master’s degrees as well as PhD scholarship.

The Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships ( AGRTPS) (International) are specifically designed to help international students in pursuing higher degrees through researching in Flinders University. The time frame for research doctoral degrees is up to 3 years. Research Doctorate degree is up to 3 years . The Research Masters degree is up to two years.

A small number (up 10-10)) of AGRTPS are awarded each year , and the international round of scholarships is highly competitive. It is a competitive process. AGRTPS can be granted to applicants who have demonstrated an exceptional ability to conduct independent research. AGRTPS are awarded in accordance with excellence in academics, the quality of academic research education as well as research indicators and results.

Flinders University is a public university located in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 1966, it was named after British navigator Matthew Flinders, who explored and charted in the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students from abroad to attend at one of the best schools within Australia.

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Fully Funded Flinders University Scholarship 2024 Australia:


  • Australia


  • Flinders University


  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral Degree

Flinders University Scholarship 2024 Benefits:

The Full Scholarship provided by Australia’s Australian Government will pay for the following costs:

  • Overseas Health Care cover
  • Costs of relocation and airfares (up up to $1,485)
  • International tuition fees
  • A living stipend is paid in the amount at $29,092 (2023 rate)

Flinders University Scholarship 2024 Eligibility Criteria:

To be considered to be considered for an Flinders University Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must meet the English proficiency requirements established in the guidelines of Flinders University for at the date of their application.
  • AGRTPS applicants are not required to have an Doctorate degree
  • Candidates must not have the Masters by Research qualification when they are seeking an AGRTPS to complete an Masters degree;
  • The applicant must not have been the recipient of the Australia Award Scholarship / (AusAID) award within the two years prior the start in their AGRTPS;
  • be a citizen of a nation other that Australia as well as New Zealand, and not have Australian or New Zealand citizenship. Australian permanent residence status, or New Zealand citizenship; and
  • Successfully completed a degree that is comparable to the Australian degree. It is comparable to an Australian First Class Honors diploma (this is a four year degree with a major research undertaking during the final year)

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Documents Required For Flinders University Scholarship 2024

Research Proposal

  • It is required to include an outline of your research that is about 500 words that outlines the issue and the hypothesis or question as well as the methodology or method.

Academic Referees

  • Completion of Section A on two Academic Referee’s confidential Report forms and send them to two suitable referees you choose. If they are able, the referees must be knowledgeable, have a personal and professional understanding of your academic abilities and also be able to use judgement about your research capabilities. In your application, you must indicate which Referee Report forms have been given to. Academic Referee reports must be returned to by 7 August 2023.


  • A recent CV that details your professional experience, any research experiences, as well as the complete list of cited publications must be submitted with your application.

Application Format & Language

    • All documents should be uploaded to the application portal. They must have been uploaded in English. Save the file as a PDF , then scan it and save it in the proper orientation. Name all documents using your name as a family member and also the document’s name, such as name_ Transcript, name_ publication 

Research Supervisor

  • You should make contact with an academic faculty member and obtain an informal agreement with that person to oversee you if you are successful. Evidence of the supervisor’s consent should be attached to your application. Candidates who do not t have an approved supervisor at the time they submit their application are not assessed for an appointment with an AGRTPS/FIPRS.


  • You need to include proof of you’ve published. You could include five or more of your publications along with your application. Each publication should be included with a cover sheet. Books with no cover sheets won’t be considered. The publications will be assessed for the quality of research done within the field that you are planning to pursue in Flinders University. Candidates who have more than five publications should speak with the Flinders University supervisor and select the most important five. Briefly explain why the five are chosen. Don’t provide at least five different publications. Additional publications can be listed either on the CV, or included in separate lists. Coversheets aren’t required to list publications on your CV, however they should not be included in those listed in the top 5.
  • In general, only publications written typically in English should be considered in the five top. Other languages are not eligible. be considered in the event that the nature that the article (for instance, a letter to an agency of the government) requires that a different language is the most appropriate.
  • Publications cannot be more than 5 years old.
  • Note that, due to the competition-driven nature of AGRTPS applicants who haven’t submitted their applications are likely not to be competitive.

Academic Transcripts

  • You are required to provide certified copies of your university’s academic transcripts that have been translated into English Do not submit secondary school diplomas or certificates that are not educational in nature.

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Types Of Scholarship in Flinders University 2024

Alumni Scholarships

If you’re Flinders University alumni and are eligible, you may be eligible for a 20percent full-time scholarship that allows you to study an additional postgraduate or undergraduate qualification at Flinders.

External Scholarship Organisations

Flinders University works with a array of Australian and foreign government as well as industry scholarships to offer an opportunity for students from countries that are eligible to receive their education on Flinders sponsored.

Higher degrees through research scholarships

Flinders University offers a range of limited-place scholarships that allow students to pursue the PhD or Master’s by Research.

Financial aid

You could have the opportunity to receive financial assistance or an education loan at Flinders in the event that you’re or are from USA as well as Canada.

How to Win a Scholarship in Australia?

To be eligible for AGRTPS or FIPRS you be required to first apply for admission to a higher education degree through study (PhD or Masters of Arts through research) followed by an application to an application for the International RHD Scholarship group, that will result in an application for both AGRTPS and FIPRS through the Student Info System. The application for admission is open anytime, but you must do so prior to the deadline.

If you have already received an admission offer in place to a Higher Degree through Research You are not required to submit a new application for admission.

Application Deadline:

    • The deadline for applications to the Flinders University Scholarship 2024 Varies country to country go through the official link given below.


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