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Scholarships In Australia 2023-2024

Return your bag A great opportunity is right in front of you. University of Tasmania Scholarships 2023-2024 in Australia provides research masters and PhD scholarships for both international and national students. The postgraduate scholarship program in Australia is one of the few fully funded scholarship program..

Candidates are able to do research within the government sector. as well as develop capabilities, creative industries, and also job of working on their own unique research on their area of interest. The candidate’s research will be motivated by being assigned assignments by their supervisors to generate or develop new knowledge. This will inspire them to pursue research to benefit humanity.

In 1890, the first public university dubbed The University of Tasmania (UTAS) was founded in Australia and is the fourth-oldest institution in Australia. The applicant can choose various fields of study. In Australia in the top 10 research universities among them, one of them is the University of Tasmania (UTAS) is among them. Getting an fully funded scholarships in Australia can not only enable you to expand your research horizons but also to generate new knowledge and work in a lab based on International guidelines, think about your thoughts naturally, and resolve many issues on the spot. It’s a fantastic opportunity to pursue your studies in Australia at no cost.

The University of Tasmania Scholarships 2023-2024:


  • Australia


  • University of Tasmania

Degree Level:

  • Master’s Degree
  • PhD Programs

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  • Arts, Law, and Education
  • Economics and Business
  • Health and Medicine
  • Sciences and Engineering

Scholarship Duration:

  • Master’s (2 years)
  • Ph.D. (3 years)

Main Scholarships

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) grants

The award is given to students with extraordinary research capacity to assist in the cost of living while pursuing the pursuit of a higher degree by research. Living Allowance

AUD $28,854 per year (2023 price). The rate is indexed each year on 1 January. January.

Standard Duration

PhD: 3.5 years with no extension possible. It is essential to note that the length of the scholarship is shorter than the maximum duration of candidature , which is four years.

Masters 2 years, no extension.

Fees for Tuition

international: Unless a Tuition Fee scholarship has been granted internationally, HDR students are required to pay fees for tuition during the course of their degree. International students have to pay an annual fee.

Domestic :Domestic RTP Fees Offset covers tuition charges for foreign students taking a degree in research for the length of the program without extension. The amount of RTP Fee Offset is comparable to the tuition fees for 2020 that are available on the Graduate Research website.

Relocation Allowance:

It is the RTP Allowance can assist with expenses associated with moving to Tasmania for a Higher Education Research as high as AUD $2,000.

The Tasmania Graduate Research Scholarship (TGRS)

Tasmania Graduate Research Scholarships are available in all disciplines of research at University of Tasmania and will be awarded to those who have an established track record of research.

Living Allowance

AUD $28,854 per year (2022 price). The rate is adjusted each year on 1 January. January.

Standard Duration

PhD: 3.5 years with no extension possible. It is crucial to note that the period of the award is less than the maximum amount of the candidature, which is 4 years.

Masters Two years of study with no extension.

Tuition Costs

Worldwide: Unless a Tuition Fee Scholarship has been granted International HDR applicants are required to pay tuition fees during the course of their PhD. International students have to pay an annual fee.

Domestic: The Australian Government is currently providing the funding for every Australian universities to pay tuition costs for foreign students who are enrolled in a research degree for the duration of the program with no extension options.

Relocation Allowance

The TGRS offers a grant to cover the cost that are associated with moving to Tasmania to pursue a higher Education by Research up to AUD $2,000.

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The University of Tasmania Scholarships Benefits:

  • A per-year allowance at the amount of AUD$28.092pa
  • A candidate could be awarded a the relocation allowance
  • A candidate could be granted an allowance to live on
  • Fee waiver for tuition

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University of Tasmania Scholarships Eligibility Criteria:

  • A candidate should have an academically solid background as well as relevant work experience.
  • Candidates must have an advanced degree or equivalent prior to making an application for the master’s award.
  • The applicant must have an advanced master’s degree or its equivalent prior to making an application for the Ph.D. scholarship
  • Candidates are selected on the base of their strategic areas of research.
  • Students from all International as well as domestic students are invited to apply.
  • The candidate cannot hold any other postgraduate scholarships or pay a salary that is equal to 75% of the amount of the stipend.

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Application Procedure For University of Tasmania Scholarships 

  • Together with members of the supervision team will be required to fill out an application on the website of their choice.
  • The applicant should indicate the desire to be a recipient of a the scholarship on their application.

Applications Deadline:

  • Candidates are encouraged to submit their applications on  March 07, 2023 / July 18, 2023, October 10, 2023


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