RTP Scholarships 2024 at Central Queensland University

Scholarships In Australia 2024

The RTP Scholarships 2024 at Central Queensland University 2024, which is available in Australia for exceptional research-oriented students, is a scholarship that can be funded. This post-graduate scholarship is offered by Central Queensland University to encourage research and training in the hope of making positive changes in the world. All students dream of studying at Australia’s most prestigious university for free. The scholarship helps students to forget about all financial worries and allow them to focus on their studies.

The Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship to Australia allows you to be a part of Central Queensland University, which is the only Australian university with campuses in all Australian states. Students have many opportunities to network, which is a great advantage when it comes time to develop their career. Students also have the opportunity to meet students from other cultures and promote cultural exchange. The scholarship at Central Queensland University allows students to receive both academic and social benefits that are essential for their growth and development.

These RTP Scholarships to Australia are a great opportunity because of the wide range of courses offered by Central Queensland University. Postgraduate students have the option to choose their research topics from many disciplines. This is an excellent way to find the right topic for you. These programs include apprenticeships, commerce and trade, commerce, accounting, health, science technology, community services, science, environment, and social work.

The University of Central Queensland is listed in Australia’s top universities. Students have the opportunity to study at no cost in Australia’s best university. The university has a high employment rate and a fully-funded scholarship in CQU research training program. This is a sign of the student’s competence and a big plus. This scholarship is merit-based and open to postgraduate students. If one meets the requirements for CQU scholarship, they should apply for the Australian Government scholarship.

RTP Scholarships 2024 at Central Queensland University in Australia


  • Australia


  • Central Queensland University

Value Of Scholarship:

  • $28,854 per year

Central Queensland University RTP Scholarships 2024 Benefits

  • You can use the stipend to pay tuition.
  • You can use the stipend to pay for other living and educational expenses.
  • Students will be eligible for a $28,854 annual stipend.
  • This grant will be granted to students for up three years during their research tenure.


Bookshop discounts

CQ Uni Alumni get free shipping within Australia for Bookshop Orders Above $25 Use the coupon code.

Mackay – Discounts for Creative and Performing Arts

The School of Education and The Arts (which includes the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music) encourages CQ University alumni to become “Friends of the Conservatorium” in order to receive advance bookings and concession rates for a range of concerts, master-classes, and exhibitions hosted by the School. Your generosity will help the Conservatorium’s next generation of performers.

CQCM events schedule.

Rockhampton Gym Membership

Rockhampton graduates can enjoy a more active, healthy, and relaxed lifestyle by joining CQ Uni Community Sports Centre on the North Rockhampton campus. You will find a heated pool, an indoor and an outdoor gym, as well as a variety of classes and a free tennis court. There is also an athletics oval. Alumni of CQ University receive a 10% discount on their gym memberships To access the discount or for more information,

Travel deals

CQ University owns Travel crew, a travel agency. Get the best international and domestic travel deals by signing up for their newsletter.

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Central Queensland University RTP Scholarships 2024 Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must be Australian citizens, Permanent Residents or have a permanent humanitarian visa.
  • Any ethnicity is acceptable.
  • Any gender can apply for the position.
  • Any discipline can apply to the university’s candidate.
  • The candidate must be a Central Queensland University postgraduate researcher.
  • Candidates must be in either the 1 first or 2 second years of postgraduate studies.


This Scholarship is merit-based. The Scholarship Assessment Scale will use three performance categories to determine the allocation of scholarships to qualified applicants.

  • Research project quality and alignment with CQ University priority areas (0-15 Points)
  • Evidence of motivation, research experience, and research environment (0-15 Points)
  • Writing skills and academic achievement (0-20 points).

For more information, please visit Policy Page to view the Research Training Program and Research Higher Degree Scholarships Policy and Procedure.

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Application Procedure for Central Queensland University RTP Scholarships 2024

  • The School of Graduate Research will invite the selected candidates and ask them to fill out the application.
  • An email confirmation will be sent out to those who have been selected.
  • RTP scholarships are not required to be applied separately by candidates because there is no application.
  • Candidates must discuss their interest with their supervisors about RHD scholarships.


The RTP Stipend Scholarship offers a living allowance that is paid biweekly through the University’s payroll system.

Domestic students will be awarded an RTP Stipend scholarship. They will also receive an RTP Fees Offset scholarship*. This completely eliminates the candidate’s tuition liability during the Offset Scholarship.

* An additional application is not necessary for the RTP Fees Offset Scholarship.


  • Allied Health

You can navigate the vast array of courses that are available by choosing your study group and exploring the disciplines that belong to it.

  • Business and Accounting

CQ University offers a wide range of courses in accounting and business.

  • Creative, Performing and Visual Arts

CQ University offers many exciting courses in the visual, performing and creative arts.

  • Digital Media, Communication and Arts

See the extensive range of courses in digital media, communication, and arts offered by CQ University.

  • Education, Teaching, and Childcare

Explore the many education, teaching, and childcare courses available through CQ University.

  • Engineering, Built Environment, and Aviation

CQ University offers a variety of industry-relevant courses in engineering, aviation and built environment.

  • English and Study Pathways

You have many options for English courses and study paths.

  • Information Systems and Technology

CQ University offers a variety of courses in information systems and technology.

  • Criminology, Law and Justice

You can start a career in criminology, or improve your employment prospects by taking a criminology/justice course.

  • Health, Paramedicine, and Nursing

CQ University offers a wide range of courses in nursing, paramedicine, and health.

  • Psychology, Social Work and Community Services

CQ University offers rewarding and relevant courses in psychology, social work, and community services.

  • Science, Environment and Agriculture

CQ University offers a wide range of innovative courses in science, agriculture and environment.

  • Service Industries

CQ University offers a wide range of industry-relevant courses in the service industry.

  • Trades

CQ University offers a variety of practical, industry-relevant trades courses.

  • Safety Sciences

CQ University offers a variety of innovative and practical courses in safety sciences.

Application Deadline:

  • This scholarship program has a deadline of 30 September 2023.



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