How to write a research abstract?

An abstract of a research paper sums up the important aspects of the whole paper in a specified order. That contains the entire purpose of project and research issues to study. Secondly the abstract should define the basic  project design. Thirdly, It should describe the major findings of your research and results obtained. Fourth, it briefly summarizes the conclusions and interpretations of your research study.

Impact of a good Abstract on research

The abstract of your paper or thesis highlights the major findings of your research. It gives an idea to the readers whether they will continue to read the rest of the study. That’s why important aspect of your paper such as results, methods and other important findings should be added in the abstract.

how will you find out that your research abstract have required information? their is a simple rule that imagine yourself as a 3rd party researcher reading your abstract. Then think about the information you have provided. Whether it is enough to describe your research? if you find it ok then the abstract is good enough. If you do not feel happy then try to add more key points in the abstract.

Types of Abstracts

There are four types of abstract generally.

Critical Abstracts

The critical abstracts explains the main content and knowledge of the research. Besides this it describes briefly the critical judgements and statements on the authenticity, validity and performance of overall research paper. The researcher critically go through the study area and compares the present work with the similar reports in the literature. Due to the in depth study, the critical abstract are lengthy and around 400-500 words.  That is why critical abstract are not frequently used in the research papers.

Descriptive Abstracts

Descriptive abstracts are simple abstracts which provides the information about the research paper. It does not criticize the present work. rather it highlights the important aspects of the present study. It gives information about the methods, results and findings of the work. Descriptive abstracts also provide the main purpose and importance of the research done.

informative abstracts

Most abstracts are informative. Although they still do not evaluate or comment a work. Although they still don’t comment or evaluate a work, what they do is not just describe it. A rich abstract can be used as a substitute for the work. it can be said that, the researchers put forward and explained all the main arguments in the paper, as well as the main evidences and results. the summary of the information includes the informative data in the description (the purpose of the research, Scope and method). furthermore, it also consists of results of the research and conclusion that may contain suggestions of the author. the abstract length varies subject wise, but the perfect abstract contains maximum of 300 words.




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