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Fully Funded Australia Scholarships 2023-2024

The Adelaide International Scholarships 2023-2024 is now accepting applications. The University of Adelaide Scholarships for international students are offered in all disciplines. The University of Adelaide is a fully funded international university and provides many Adelaide Scholarships International for exceptional international students from any country to begin their studies with the Masters or Doctorate in research.

The University provides numerous scholarships for both national as well as international applicants. If you’re thinking about seeking a grant during one of the competition rounds, it’s crucial to check the eligibility criteria prior to making the request for supervision or making the request. Opportunities are very limited, and competition is fierce.

The University of Adelaide is a public university that is located within Adelaide, South Australia. It was established in 1874 It is the third oldest institution within Australia. Adelaide University is among the top schools within Australia. The best chance for international students to pursue their studies in Australia on scholarships.

Fully Funded Adelaide International Scholarships 2023-2024


  • Australia


  • University of Adelaide


  • Masters
  • PhD

Areas for Study:

  • The Australia 2023 scholarships are open across all subject areas.


  • Time-frame for Master’s Scholars up two years to earn the Research Master degree
  • Timeframe of Doctoral Awards: Up to 3 years (with an extension of up to 6 months) for the title of Doctor of Philosophy.

List Of Adelaide International Scholarships 2023-2024

1-Global Citizens Scholarship

Scholarships will be granted upon acceptance of the offer. The scholarship awards international students who are pursuing either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree who have achieved academic merits in their studies. Students may receive a discount between 15 to 30% of tuition fees.

2- Global Academic Excellence Scholarship

These are highly competitive awards that recognize those who have just begun their postgraduate and undergraduate coursework International students who’ve shown academic excellence in their previous studies. The scholarship grants an amount of 50 percent of the tuition cost in the case of the full-time period of your chosen postgraduate or undergraduate degree.

3- Higher Education Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded upon acceptance of the offer.

The Higher Education Scholarships is a reward for international undergraduate and postgraduate students who have shown a passion for education and commitment to Australian education through having completed the year-12 high school education (undergraduate just) or an AQF-recognized course program within the Australian Higher Education institution prior to beginning their studies in The University of Adelaide. The scholarship grants the opportunity to receive a 25 percent tuition reduction for the minimum full-time duration of the selected postgraduate or undergraduate degree.

4-Family Scholarship

Did your sibling or spouse have a class with us? This scholarship is only available to relatives of our graduating or current students. Simply submit an English-translatable birth certificate that confirms your relationship, and you’ll receive an 15% tuition reduction. If you are enrolled at a full-time pace and finish all of your studies within the prescribed period, you will be eligible for this reduction each year during the course of your degree.

5- Alumni Award

Scholarships will be granted upon acceptance of the offer.

We appreciate our students and value your enthusiasm for studying and your loyalty to Adelaide and the University of Adelaide. You’ll receive an 25 percentage reduction in tuition when you’re finishing an additional degree or higher at Adelaide. When you graduate will automatically be eligible for this award, and if you are enrolled full-time and finish graduation within the prescribed time frame, you’ll get the benefit of a 25 percentage reduction in tuition fees every year you earn the degree you earned.

6- University of Adelaide College High Achiever Progression Scholarship

Scholarships will be granted upon acceptance of the offer.

The University of Adelaide College High Achiever Progression Scholarship is awarded to international students from The University of Adelaide College, our preferred pathway provider who have had outstanding academic achievements. The scholarship provides an 25 percent tuition reduction to the minimal full-time length of the student’s selected undergraduate degree.

7- University of Adelaide College International Scholarship

Scholarships will be granted at the time of offering.

The University of Adelaide College International Scholarship is awarded to international students from Adelaide College. University of Adelaide College. The scholarship provides an 10 discount on tuition to the minimum full-time period of the student’s selected postgraduate or undergraduate degree.

8- Eynesbury College High Achiever Progression Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded upon acceptance of the offer.

The Eynesbury College High Achiever Progression Scholarship is awarded to international students who have graduated from Eynesbury College who have achieved impressive academic performance. The scholarship grants an 25 discount on tuition to the minimal full-time period of the student’s selected undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

9- Eynesbury College Adelaide International Scholarships 2023-2024

Scholarships will be awarded upon acceptance of the offer.

The Eynesbury College International Scholarship rewards students from around the world who graduate from Eynesbury College. The scholarship provides five or 0 percent reduction in tuition for the minimum full-time period of the student’s chosen postgraduate or undergraduate degree.

Adelaide International Scholarships 2023-2024 Benefits:

The University of Adelaide Scholarship in Australia will be used to pay the following costs:

  • Stipend: An annual Living Allowance of AUD$28,092 (tax-free, 2020 value)
  • Two years for an research Masters diploma
  • up to 3 years to earn an research doctorate degree.
  • This is the submission of your thesis (e.g. Editing Printing, Editing, Binding) Costs
  • AUD$840 For Doctoral candidates
  • $AUD420 to Candidates for Masters by Research.
  • Full Tuition Fee
  • Master up to 2 years
  • for Doctoral Degrees Up to 4 Years.
  • Medical Funds (Paid sick leave).
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • The Travel Allowance airfare ($1000 travel ) from their country of origin to and from Adelaide.

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Adelaide International Scholarships 2023-2024 eligibility criteria:

  1. Students from abroad are required to apply who can be accepted to start the process of obtaining a Masters or Doctorate degree through research in The University of Adelaide.
    • Permanent and Citizens of Australia and people from New Zealand are ineligible.
    • Candidates who have submitted an application in the past for Australian permanent residency, but haven’t yet been granted an answer are eligible to apply.
    • Successful recipients must submit an application and join the program they plan to studies in The University of Adelaide as “international students” to keep their award.
  2. Candidates must prove that they meet requirements of the University’s minimal English requirement for proficiency in English for direct entry before the deadline for application.
  3. applicants who are pursuing a qualification cannot be considered to be considered until the qualification is successfully completed (and acceptable evidence is provided) or proof of withdrawal has been submitted.
  4. Candidates must have completed at minimum the equivalent of an equivalent of a first Class Australian Honors qualification. (In Australia an Honors degree is typically only awarded for one year following the completion of an undergraduate degree, and requires additional study in a specific subject area. In certain fields, Honors is available as an option in an end-of-school year for a 4-year bachelor diploma. It is considered to be an honorific degree that improves writing, research and organization skills. It also indicates the ability to pursue advanced studies. A First Class Honors qualification indicates that the person who received it was able to perform at the top academic level and also indicates that they’ve gained an understanding of independent research. )
  5. International applicants cannot possess a qualification in research that is considered as equivalent by University of Adelaide to be equivalent to an Australian Research Doctorate degree or when pursuing an Research Masters degree, not have a research degree deemed as equivalent by The University of Adelaide to be comparable to or superior to the Australian Research Masters degree.
  6. Successful recipients must begin studies within the University of Adelaide in the semester during which the award is made. It is not possible to extend an award.
  7. International applicants aren’t admissible if they already completed the degree to which they’re seeking to be awarded.
  8. The award of an award is contingent on the student not being awarded another scholarship through an organization such as the Commonwealth of Australia, the University of Adelaide, or an overseas sponsor. The University reserves the right to revoke any scholarship offered anytime prior to enrollment in the event that it is determined that the recipient has been awarded a scholarship equivalent to or greater than the value of the award made from the university.
  9. Note If an applicant has received an award of an international higher degree through research scholarships from the University of Adelaide, and was not able to complete the academic program, the applicant is not eligible to be considered for any subsequent international higher degree through the research scholarship program.

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Application Deadline:

The application deadline Varies From University to University.


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