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Tips for writing your 4 Chevening Essays.

Use Full tips given below to writing Chevening Essays.

  • Use the SMART and STAR approach to writing essays.
  • Make sure you have covered all bases and highlighted the most important points in your essays.
  • Your Chevening essays should be truthful, concise, well-written, and well-researched
  • When writing essays, make sure you tell a story. You can use bullet points to highlight achievements or career goals but there must be a flow.
  • Make sure that anyone who hears you speak can understand what you’re saying. Make sure you mention your country’s name when referring to data or situations that are from your country.
  • Avoid using our or their, and instead use words that describe what you are talking.
  • To spell-check your work and make sure your grammar is correct, use Grammarly

START Approach — Derived From Muse

  • Setting the scene and giving the details of your example.
  • Task : Describe your role in this situation.
  • Explain the steps taken to resolve it.
  • Result Share the outcomes of your actions.

Smart Approach Derived From CFI

    • Specific: Clear, unambiguous, and well-described.
    • Measurable – With specific criteria to measure your progress towards achieving the goal.
    • Possible: Realizable and possible.
    • Realistic: In reach, real, and relevant for your life purpose.
    • Timely A clearly defined timeline that includes a start date and a goal date. This is how you create urgency.


  • Four chevening Essays Topics

    Leadership and Influence

    Chevening is seeking individuals who can be leaders and influencers in their own countries. Use clear examples of your leadership and influence skills to explain how you can meet this requirement. – As per the Chevening Website

    Use the STAR AND SMART Approach (STAR and SMART Approach) to talk about the times that you have shown leadership traits, the leadership positions that you have held and the instances when you have been influential. These could be in managerial positions, leadership in NGO’s or your daily life. You can also talk about your leadership goals and how they relate to your community.

  • Networking

    Chevening is looking for individuals with strong professional relationship-building skills, who will engage with the Chevening community and influence and lead others in their chosen profession. Please describe how you have built and maintained professional relationships. Give examples and explain how you plan to continue using these skills in the future. – Questions as per the Chevening website

    Your networking essay should include clear examples of relationships that you have created, established and maintained. Highlight how these relationships have helped you in your personal growth and the work you do. As a potential Chevening scholar, you should be able to draw from each example the skills learned and how they will benefit you. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that you are able to make the most of the opportunities presented to you.

    Career Plan 

    Chevening is seeking individuals with a clear career plan after their studies. Please describe your immediate career plans and long-term goals. These may be related to the work of the UK government in your country. – Question as per the Chevening Website

    This essay will allow you to create a 2-year and 5- to 10-year plans. Your goals and plans should be achievable. They should also reflect your career plan. When writing your career plan, the most important thing to remember is not to write it as a Curriculum Vitae. Instead, focus on your impact, career path, and journey. Your career journey is a great way to connect to your next career move. This could be pursuing a masters. It is important to show a clear understanding of your future goals, how they can be achieved, and long-term ambitions.

    Studying in UK

    Please explain why you chose the three courses that interest you, and how it relates to your professional and academic experience. Do not repeat the information that you have provided on the education and work experience sections of this form. – Questions as per the Chevening website

    This essay should not be duplicated. However, you may link the information. It will also require you to list three universities to which you are applying, as well as the names of the courses offered by each university and the reasons you chose that particular university.

    Tip: To help you make your decision about which university to attend, search for the best-performing universities in that field. Before finalizing your selections, make sure that you check with Chevening partner universities to confirm your choice.

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