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Scholarships In Australia 2023-2024

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship is given to students who have impressive academic achievements. This internationally undergraduate award in Australia is open to students of any nation, apart from Australia as well as New Zealand to continue their studies with no financial burden in their lives. It is the Melbourne scholarship located in Australia are awarded each year to about 50 highly motivated, self-motivated and highly skilled students. Students are honored with this award because of their academic accomplishments. It is the University of Melbourne scholarship for international students offers a platform for students with a strong desire to study at the most prestigious universities around the world.

It is the University of Melbourne has prominence for its outstanding achievements in all area of study. It has produced the most renowned researchers and experts around the globe through collaboration with international partners. Additionally, Melbourne University engages the students and staff to think bigger and encourages them to discuss and engage in sustainability-related questions with complete confidence and understanding. Thus, it is a great idea to use the Melbourne university’s international student grant permits students to participate in high-quality education under the supervision of specialists and technicians from the relevant disciplines. Furthermore, the international scholarship for students at Melbourne University is for every subject provided by the university. The grant is a way of recognizing international students for their academic superiority.

It is the University of Melbourne, Australia is one of the top and the most secure locations for students to learn. To cope with the evolving nature of the world. The university has created an environmentally sustainable plan that is designed to make the campus more environmentally sustainable. The plan permits students, staff as well as researchers, to contribute important contributions to the current world. It is an excellent opportunity for gifted students to be involved in the various strategies and then apply the strategies in their daily life. This is why it is the Melbourne university’s undergraduate scholarships program allows students to participate in a successful plan for students who would otherwise be not able to afford the education at the top university in Australia. The following article provides specific information on the advantages that come with this program. Melbourne University Scholarship 2023-22024 for students who are academically gifted. While the application process is straightforward, the document provides complete guidelines to ensure no hassle for the applicants. In addition to this, the full requirements for eligibility are being examined along with the mandatory academic scores. The University of Melbourne is a popular destination for international students to study. The international scholarship offered to undergrads is an great stepping to this goal for gifted, brilliant, and exceptional international students.

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023-2024


  • Australia


  • University of Melbourne


  • Undergraduate


  • 4 years of continuous duration

Scholarship Awards:

  • 50 Awards

Melbourne Scholarship Value:

  • Up to $56,000

The Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023-2024 Benefits:

  • The scholarship pays for the tuition of $10,000 during the initial year of an undergraduate course.
  • 50 percent fee reduction for the next 3 years will be provided in the context of the scholarship.
  • or 100% fee remission or 100 percent fee remission for the next three years in the context of the scholarships.

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

  • An applicant has to be an international scholar but not be a citizen from Australia or New Zealand.
  • The applicant cannot reside permanently in Australia.
  • The applicants must have received an invitation acceptance letter from University of Melbourne.
  • An applicant should have earned top grades in secondary school or equivalent to place the applicant within the top 3% of applicants for example:
  • The student should not have previously completed any higher education.
  • 3A* at A-levels (At minimum 93 percent)
  • The Australian Foundation studies at least 98% of the students are from Australia..
  • In the International Baccalaureate at least score 42.
  • Based on US High School at least you must have a GPA at least 3.9 and with SAT at 1500 as well as at least an ACT of at minimum 31.
  • Based on Canada Secondary School an overall score of 97percent..
  • Based on India Secondary School, an overall score of 95% or more is the minimum requirement..
  • At Vietnam High School, a total score that is at or above 90 percent is required.

Scholarship Terms and conditions


The Terms and Conditions are applicable to a variety of scholarships that are available to undergraduate and graduate students in coursework.

The scholarship award will specify that you are subject to the Coursework Scholarship Terms and Conditions and any additional terms are applicable to your award.

The University has the right modify the terms of these conditions with or without prior notice.


The benefits of the scholarship you have received are listed in your offer to you and could comprise any of the following:

1. Living allowance:

  1. Living allowances are direct payment into the Australian banking account.
  2. The amount, duration, and frequency of payment for the living allowance are listed in your scholarship proposal.
  3. The living allowance may be provided as a single installment as well as in multiple half-yearly installments or multiple quarterly installments.

2. HECS Student Contribution sponsorship:

  1. HECS Student Contribution sponsorships are used to Commonwealth Supported Places and cover the Student Contribution in full.
  2. The scholarship is available for all University of Melbourne subjects that you must complete in order in order to fulfill the requirements of the course(s) or study in which the scholarship was awarded.

3. Tuition fees:

  1. Tuition fee sponsorships can be applied towards Australian Fee places as well as Overseas Fee places. They provide tuition either in part or completely.
  2. The sponsorship is applicable to any University of Melbourne subjects that you have to finish to fulfill the specifications for your course(s) that you are studying that the scholarship was awarded.
  3. When the grant covers a portion of the tuition the student is responsible for the balance of tuition.

4. Accommodation allowance:

  1. The allowance for accommodation is directly paid to the university accommodation provider and will cover the costs of accommodation in the full or in part. .
  2. Accommodation providers are paid in installments. are made at the end of each half year of study during your stay at University Accommodation.
  3. If the allowance for accommodation covers some of the costs of your accommodation then you are responsible for the remainder of the cost of accommodation.

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Conditions Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023-2024:

5. Commencement

  1. Your scholarship will be awarded after you’ve enrolled in the academic year and course that your award was made.
  2. Unless stated otherwise in your offer of scholarship If you are granted the permission to delay the start of your program until the next academic year, the scholarship may be deferred until the next academic year.
  3. If you fail to begin your program during the academic year in which the scholarship was awarded or, if allowed then, in the academic year following the award will be terminated.
  4. The duration of your scholarship is stated in the scholarship offer.
  5. The time frame of your scholarship will be cut by the time you studying prior to the program that the scholarship is given.
  6. Your scholarship will be complete at the time:

6. Duration

  1. The amount of time you can receive your scholarship is stated in the scholarship offer.
  2. The period of your scholarship is decreased by any time of study that you have previously completed towards the program that the scholarship is given.
  3. The scholarship will be awarded at the time:

7. Concurrent scholarships

  1. You may keep your scholarship in conjunction with other scholarship awards if the value of your scholarship(s) does not exceed 75 percent of the worth of your award.
  2. If you would like to receive another scholarship that has an annual value of higher than 75 percent of the value of your scholarship your scholarship may be taken off (scholarship leave) but the term of your scholarship won’t be extended beyond the time of your scholarship leave.

8. Academic development

  1. In the event that your award is contingent on academic progression conditions, the award will stipulate the minimum amount of average that you have to achieve over every half-year of study.
  2. If you fail to meet the minimum amount of average the living allowance you receive is suspended, or your tuition fee will be reduced by half in the event of urgent or compelling reasons beyond your control, and could have an effect on your ability to learn.
  3. Living allowances or scholarships for tuition fees will be reinstated once you have reached the minimum mark of the following half-year of study.

Notice: the minimum outcome in the Melbourne Chancellor’s Award and Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship providing 50 and 100% fee reduction is 70.

Notice: HECS Student Contribution sponsorships are not affected by the academic level of students.

Note Some examples of circumstances that are compelling or compassionate include serious injury or illness as well as pregnancy or childbirth the care of dependents or traumatizing events such as natural disasters or political turmoil.

9. Part-time enrolment

If you are enrolled only part-time (i.e. an academic load that is lower than 37.5 points in the course of a half-year) You will still receive the advantages of your scholarship but the period of allowances for living or accommodation is not extended.

10. Leave of absence

If you are granted a leave of absence or are suspended from your class The benefit of your scholarships will be suspend (scholarship leaves) and the date of expiration for your award will be extended by the length of your leave.

11. Refusal of course

  1. If you decide to withdraw from your program or is terminated by the University Your scholarship will cease at the time of your withdrawal
  2. If not specifically stated in the scholarship offer If you decide to withdraw from your course , and then enroll in a different course of the same quality the scholarship will continue but the length of the scholarship cannot be extended.

12. False Information

If you’ve given incorrect or false information, and you were granted or continue to benefit from your scholarship, it is possible that your award could be cancelled or removed and you could be required to pay any benefits to which you’re not entitled within 14 days after being asked to pay back the scholarship by the university.

Grievances and complaints

If you’re not satisfied with a decision taken concerning the application of these terms you can file an Grievance or Student Complaint.


The personal information you provide to the University is used according to the University’s policies and obligations. It is not disclosed without your consent, unless permitted or required by the law. For instance it is the case that the University will share or use your personal information only for legitimate reasons to government agencies like Services Australia (Centrelink), Department of Education, Department of Home Affairs or the Australian Taxation Office.

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Application Procedure for Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023-2024?

  • There is no separate application required to be submitted for the award.
  • If the student receives an unconditional course acceptance at Melbourne University and whose academic outcomes meet the eligibility criteria the students will be automatically considered for the award.
  • The student is required to apply for the undergraduate course within The University of Melbourne with the usual admissions process.


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