Motivation Letter for Post doctorate Position-with Examples

How to write a motivation letter for a postdoctoral position?

Motivation letter for Post doctorate is very important to attract the supervisor you are about to work with. Drafting a high effective Motivation letter will increase your chances to win a post-doc position in your desired University or institution.

From the very beginning, it starts with the format of the postdoc’s corresponding cover letter, which is an important task and must also be carried out as the first and utmost activity. It begins with the objectives of data and thus the respective greeting also follows it. One at this position needs to address the corresponding letter to their specific PI so that in the later part of the respective section it is much clearer about this. There are also hundreds and thousands of explanations that why, at the significant periods of today, postdoc is a huge and necessary requirement.

The first advantage of such a postdoc is that it provides coverage for medical conditions that is therefore required in almost any postdoc. Therefore, all the kinds of advantages that are available and accepted for further support and for further authorization should be listed when composing such letters.

While a decent letter of motivation provides a clear link between how your previous experience can help you excel in the postdoc, an excellent letter of motivation awakens the attention of the management board and guarantees that your application is viewed.

Here are some tips to make sure that your letter of inspiration is a wonderful one.

Research as much as you can about the job and organization before you start writing. Do some study on the university’s website and chat about the community with your mentors. To familiarize yourself with the field of job they provide, it is also advised to take a look at their recent articles. Once you have a clear understanding of the job and the overall climate, you can decide which one of your qualifications is essential for it.

Format of motivation letter

Like just about every other formal letter, a motivation letter begins with the date at the start and the university address. The pleasantry is accompanied by this (Dear Dr., Dear Professor, etc.). For a postdoc place, your letter will also be addressed to the committee. “However, you can always address the letter to “members of the professional panel” if it is not obvious from the commercial that published the text. Moreover the length of good motivational letter should not exceed above from four to find passages

Main parts of the motivational letter for postdoc are given below:

  • The Opening Paragraph of your Post doctoral Motivation Letter

The introduction section should clarify why this letter is being written by you. Signify the particular location of the post doc that you are applying for and where you have seen the notification. If you have been mentioned by any lecturer at the university or by someone else to apply for the job, list it here. Implement it up with a quick overview of yourself that will enable you to be scholastically placed by the author. This may be anything like “I am presently focusing as a junior researcher at Bristol Lab University with a PhD in Chemistry at Bristol University.”

  • The main content 

By showcasing your credentials and explaining how they can gain from this particular project, the core of  your motivational letter is to explain how you are the right candidate for this postdoc fellowship. One of the biggest mistakes you make is that you forget to mention everything specific to the applying position. However, you should show your inspiration to become a postdoc associate in these passages as well. Therefore, by summarizing your qualitative research, your main findings or conclusions and why they matter to the field, you can devote one section to your analysis or existing research project.

Moreover, you need to transform your research and earlier studies into the postdoc project in the next process. What knowledge would you bring to the task, and how will that expertise help the recipient institution? Offer clear links that indicate that the planning application is understood by you. In doing so, make explicit references to your main distinctions and achievements. It may also be important to address your teaching qualifications here, based on the conditions of the article. Note, the theme is to demonstrate your strong motivation for the role in the body paragraphs and to demonstrate your ability to complete postdoc. You should also write down how the association will help you.

The articles’ Finishing for Motivation Letter for post doctorate

There are some rules and regulations covered in the final paragraph. Here, you should write in your request that you have attached your CV and other necessary documents. Consider that you are hoping to hear from them and are accessible for an appointment to further negotiate the job. Commend them for their concern at the very bottom, before signing out. Ask your friends and family to study it for you and provide you with input after you have written your postdoctoral letter of encouragement. They have possibly already had some recruiting interactions and are thus able to provide useful input from their point of view. They will also verify if your letter of encouragement is formatted in working shape and without typing errors.

Example of a motivation letter for post doctorate

Associate director or higher authorities,

Duke university,

Complete address of the university,


RE: Post doc associate in survey research methods,

Respected hiring manager,

During my studies at university I worked as Research Assistant and Project manager for five multidisciplinary research groups. I am experienced and completely know the details of the research. I also have had the opportunity to exhibit my professional skills for (number of year). Moreover, I would really appreciate it if you give me the chance to work because I am sure that I would  make valuable asset.

I believe that my strong educational career and professional abilities are a perfect match to this position. My devotion and dedication towards my profession makes me strong candidate for this post. Moreover, you can see in the attached resume, I have all the professional expertise that are required for this post . I can perform all my duties with punctuality and responsibility. I also believe that this promising  opportunity would be a significant advancement to my career.

I am available to join as soon as possible. Kindly feel free to contact at (contact no or email address).Thanks for your time and consideration. I will look forward to get a positive response from you.



Duke student.


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