Recommendation Letter For Scholarship/Job- Examples and Templates

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Scholarship or Job?

A recommendation Letter is a piece of a document from an employer or a professor where they recommend a Student or an employee for a Scholarship or a Job they are interested to apply for.

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Logo  of the Institute:

Dated: mm/DD/YY


It is my pleasure to recommend Mr/Miss who is a Civil Engineering graduate of our University. I have taught him Engineering Surveying and Advance Engineering Surveying in the second and third semester. He was one of the fine students of the class with wonderful performance proven through his good marks. I enjoyed watching him participating in classroom activities & discussing issues related to sanitary facilities as being part of underdeveloped part of a country.

ABC is an intelligent and well informed of his academic level. I have found him very dedicated and hardworking always trying to put his heart and soul in whatever he doing.

Besides that, I have interact with ABC on many occasions and found him a thorough gentleman. His ability to understand a problem and analyze a situation needs a special mention.

In conclusion, ABC is an efficient individual and is committed towards his education and professional growth. I hold him in the highest esteem and highly recommend for the scholarship award. His combination of both determination and hard work make him an ideal candidate. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me on the address mentioned below.


Name of professor

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

XYZ university of Engineering & Technology

Cell no: 1234…

email: abc@gmail.com

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download pdf File Here Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Recommendation Letter for Job

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr/Miss XYZ. I have known him/her for the past four years. She/He completed her Ph.D. degree under my supervision with the topic (Mention the topic of your thesis here). During this time I have found her a highly motivated, self-esteemed, and responsible individual with a high degree of integrity. I have seen XYZ presenting her research a number of times and found her a very confident and polite individual with outstanding presentation skills.

Her research work mainly highlights the efficient synthesis of (write the main research topic of your PhD thesis). The main contents of her dissertation address the existing problems in the light of literature.

XYZ has recently completed her Ph.D. and returned to home country. She has emailed me that she wants to pursue her career in her own country and I feel that this job is an appropriate position for her to proof her skills. Based on my observation, she clearly has an interest to excel in this field with her excellent skills. She has profound ability to achieve success in every position related to her interest. Therefore I highly recommend her to the (mention title of the job) and I hope that you give her a favorable consideration. I would be really pleased to provide any additional information about her research and skills that you may require.

Name of Professor

Department name

University name

Phone No:

Email Adress:

Download pdf File here Recommendation Letter for Job

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