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Scholarships In France 2023-2024

Application are open for Scholarships in France 2023. France is acknowledged as one of the trendiest study placed in worldwide for international students. As I is in every once knowledge that bear living, educational and other expenses are not affordable for everyone in France because its highly expensive country in the world, when we talk about educational tuition fee of public and private universities its approximately around 200 to 600 euro for public universities and almost 10,000 euro for private universities, where as its living cost is around 10,000 euro per year, to help those students who are academically good and want to study further for better future but unable to bear there expenses.

#1 Excellent Eiffel Scholarship in France

This is the scholarship introduced by ministry of the foreign affairs in the aim to create a center of attention for the  worldwide excellent students who want to study masters as well as doctorate programs with different amount of stipend to students, depends on the programs like for masters they allow 1,181 euro and for doctorate programs they offer 1,400 euro with other facilities like well being insurances, activities based on culture and return tickets etc

Areas of Study

The two principal disciplines for the Eiffel scholarships are the seven study areas listed below for Doctoral and Master’s components:

Science and Technology

  • Biology and Health
  • Transition to an Ecological System
  • Mathematics and Digital
  • Engineering Sciences

Social Sciences and Humanities

  • The history of the world, French language and civilization
  • Political science and law
  • Management and Economics

The Levels of Study

French universities that offer applicants to the Eiffel program are able to enroll in the following:

  • in the courses that lead to master’s degrees
  • in an engineering course
  • in a joint doctoral degree program (joint supervision of dissertation or dual degree) as a partner with an international partner institution.



  • A maximum of 12 months in the event of applying for an M2
  • up to 24 months after enrolment in an M1
  • A maximum of 36 months to finish the pursuit in an engineering course


The Eiffel scholarship is granted for twelve months within France.


Master’s stage

Eiffel scholarship holders get an allowance per month of $1181 and are also provided with numerous services such as international transportation, national transportation insurance, housing search as well as cultural activities.

Doctorate level

Eiffel scholarship recipients receive are paid a monthly salary of 1,700 euros and is supplemented by a variety of services such as international transport, national transportation housing searches, insurance cultural activities, etc.

University Scholarships in France 2023-2024

Different Universities of the France allow different scholarships for students around globe, details are given below

#1 Global Selection of Ecole Normale superieure (ENS) France

Under ENS scholarship thirty plus students from world has been selected for both humanities and science related fields, duration of this scholarship is for 2 to 3 years period in which students are able to get 1000 euro amount for given time period.

#2 Excellence Scholarship of ampere at ENS de lyon France

Above mentioned scholarship is one of the best brilliant scholarship for the students of the glob for masters degrees/programs on different subjects like arts, community science, science and humanity etc, furthermore it offers 1,000euro per month for the period of 12 months duration and it will also able to persist depends on its terms and conditions.

#3 Emily Boutmy Scholarships Scholarships in france by University of science PO France

Its aim is to create a center of attention for global students living outside of the union of Europe. This scholarship offers different stipends depends on the programs students been selected like for undergraduate students they offer 3,000 Euro to 12,300 Euros for the duration of 3 years where as for postgraduate students they offer from 5,000 Euro to 10,000 Euros for the duration of 2 years period.

#4 Global Scholarships In France for Masters in Paris Saclay University

Above scholarship not only cover tuition fees, it also covers visa and travel expenses for all selected students around the whole world. It offers the degree of masters which will be nationally certified, the aim of this program is to create leaders and groom students internationally.

#5 The Foundation Scholarship by Grenoble Institute of Technology

The Foundation Scholarship by Grenoble Institute of Technology offers approximately 5000 amount in Euros for each semester for all those students who desire to study in France or desire to get global degrees.

#6 MBA Insead Scholarship Scholarships In France

This scholarship is based on financially need or no need based students but highly depended on competition between students academics it cover almost 5 to 25 thousand Euros for all selected students.

All scholarships are subject to specific eligibility criteria that are based on quality and need. Candidates will be judged based on the quality of their scholarship essay and on the extent of which they fulfill the criteria for eligibility. As part of the criteria for merit the Committee will evaluate the professional and academic achievements as well as merit-based distinctions awarded. Note that admissions essays do not form part of the process for reviewing scholarships.

Corporate sponsorships are regarded as outside financial aid. We advise those who receive sponsorships from applying in the application process for INSEAD scholarships. Our scholarship offer is intended specifically for people with less funds.

#7 MBA HEC Paris Scholarships In France

HEC Paris offers scholarships for all students from globe which covers 6 to 24 thousands Euros. It is categorize on three different types.

  1. Merit based
  2. Need based
  3. Specific criteria based

#8 IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships in France

The IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowships offers the opportunity to receive a small amount of grants to outstanding students from countries in need.

Professional mathematicians are asked to suggest extremely motivated and mathematically gifted students from developing countries who are planning to earn a doctoral degree in a developing nation and even their home country. Nominated candidates must maintain a excellent academic record and be seriously interested in an academic career in research or teaching math.

It is the goal of the donors, IMU as well as FIMU they will be able to guarantee that their fellowship can help in the education of the future generation of mathematicians, and hope that it will bring additional benefits for the countries of the applicants for the fellowships.



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