Recommendation Letter for Scholarship-Examples and Templates

How to write recommendation Letter?

A letter of recommendation is a report that you might be asked to submit for somebody looking for employment, training, requirement for university, governance mechanism, or potential for volunteering. Furthermore, the object of letter of recommendation is to verify what the manager has observed about the candidate as well as provide more accurate feedback on their success or behaviors. Moreover, a truthful recommendation offers a personalized description of your interactions with the candidate to the receiver. Therefore you should have at least some experience of how the applicant behaves and works in a workplace.

Before considering a submission, it’s necessary to consider whether or not you can provide a reliable recommendation letter. If you do not have enough information to tell about the candidate or good experiences, let them know immediately and politely that you are unable to satisfy the order. Along with this they should have had plenty of time to find an alternative approach in this respect.

How to apply for a letter with a recommendation?

You will need to ask somebody to write this recommendation letter for you at some stage. Probably ask former supervisors, superiors, educators, consumers or suppliers for a letter of recommendation. They should also be someone with whom you have had a strong sense of community and can discuss your interests and capabilities carefully.

Furthermore, whomever you plan to inquire, talk about your application with them first. Then send a confirmation mail with more information. Please include your application, the job title and the timeline demanded. You might also give them the prototype below that’s included. This will help to reduce their workload and could even make them more likely to approve your application.

You can Download Recommendation Letter For Scholarship/Job- Examples and Templates

Format of letter of recommendation

what to submit in Recommendation Letter

Five elements should be included in your letter of recommendation:

#1 A brief introduction

That describes who you are, your connection to the individual and your personal experience or knowledge.

#2 A summary in Letter of Recommendation

Summary of the qualities of the applicant as you have encountered them and as they are applied to the receiver.

#3 A personal narrative

That elaborates on one or two attributes that the individual has.

#4 A concluding statement

that sums up why it is a good match for the opportunity for the person you are suggesting.

#5 A signature

With your name and contact information included.

Mandatory stuff for letter of recommendations

Although a letter writer who can openly share their opinion will always write a more private and thorough suggestion, these elements should be discussed in most letters:

Link of the candidate: The first paragraph should state how you are identified by the reader and for how long. The letter should clearly indicate that you have a successful background with your consultant.

Candidates ‘talent: The writer should speak about your experience and qualifications, including specific examples if possible. For example, your recommendation writer might discuss your thoughtfulness and customer relationship skills if you are applying to be a paralegal.

Candidate s’  personality: To offer an evaluation of your personality, the person recommending you should know you well enough. A detailed letter could address your reliability and compassion toward colleagues. Along with this the person writing your letter should be allowed to write openly, you should also recommend ways to build the most effective letter for the job you are applying for.

Quality things for recommendation letters

Some useful ways to impact the quality of your recommendation letter usually includes the following things:

  • Send applications for the job

They would probably write a more focused and impactful letter when your letter writer understands the exact specifications of your ideal work. For example, if the job needs someone who pays attention to detail, your affective commitment can be spoken of in the letter of recommendation.

  • Enlist candidate’s portfolio

Your biography will act as a recollection trigger if the individual has not worked with you for a few years. Doing so will also give them a more accurate view of your history of employment, which may also include information for your letter of recommendation.

  • Inform them of your talents and accomplishments

A summary of your key achievements will help compose a more productive letter if it has been a long time since you worked with your recommendation writer. For instance, if you were awarded Employee of the Year by your previous organization or you helped increase revenue by 15 percent, ask your advisor to include that in their letter. Moreover, consider in mind that you are expecting others to write a letter of recommendation to you as a favor. Please make sure you give them plenty of time to write the letter and offer as much support as you can.

To ensure that it follows professional expectations for grammar and syntax, make sure to edit your message. Furthermore, You may also seek assistance or acquaintance to analyze it and provide suggestions. Try creating a list of any possible changes, and kindly suggest that you fix these problems after praising the author of this piece for their effort and kindness.

Suggestions on submitting a letter of recommendation

Stay positive about it. Your letter should clarify that you think the person with no reservations is a good candidate for the job. Avoid any statements that otherwise may imply.

Using a common format and tone for business letters. For writing your letter, you can use the model below or a normal business letter layout. Your sound should also remain systematic and your behavior should also remain calm and polite.

Concentrate on the attributes that are most relevant. Discuss two or three of the candidate’s accomplishments that are most important to the job description. that can have  great impact on selection. Also include concrete examples to demonstrate their fitness for the position.

Follow the directions for requests. Check how you can send your letter to the nominee. To prevent impacting their application status adversely, strictly obey the guidelines and deadline request.

Pattern of Letter of Recommendation

Your letter should have a similar format, whether you are composing a letter of recommendation for pupils or young professionals. You should have a short introduction, the knowledge and experience of the candidate, a unique perspective and a concluding declaration.

Example of Recommendation Letter for Engineering


It gives me immense pleasure to write a letter of recommendation to Engr. ABC who is applying for his postgraduate studies abroad.

ABC is a brilliant and a proactive student who not only secured good grades but also took initiatives to help out those students who may not quite grasp the material. He has shown great interest in the Water Supply & Sanitary Engineering course which I have taught him in the sixth semester of his undergraduate studies. He actively participated in the class discussions, always putting his ideas respecting the views of other students and maintaining class decorum.

In addition, he has excellent communication skills, leadership abilities and necessary analytical abilities required for higher studies.

In conclusion, ABC is a responsible and committed student who is always geared up for challenges and puts his best in whatever he does. I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.

Engr. Khursheed Jamal

Assistant Professor


Email: xyz@hotmail.com

Department of Civil Engineering

abc University of Engineering & Technology

Download Example pdf here Recommendation Letter for Master Degree

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