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WIPO Global Awards 2023-2024 | Study in Switzerland

Switzerland Scholarships 2023-2024

The competition in the WIPO Global Awards 2023 will be looking for outstanding small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) that are staffed by inventors, creators, and designers making the most of the intellectual property rights of their clients to reach their business objectives while utilizing their innovation and creativity to improve the lives of others.

WIPO Global Awards 2023 celebrates exceptional businesses and individuals making intelligent utilization of their intellectual property (IP) for commercialization, while also making a positive impression on the world by innovating and generating ideas.

The annual contest is open to self-nominations by people from every country and in all business sectors. There are two more award categories for youth and women The first phase is already open to enterprises.

Twenty nominees will be selected and promoted via WIPO media channels. A multi-national, independent, international jury with expertise in IP Innovation, innovation, creative industries, investments, and business will choose seven winners.

They will also be rewarded with a personalized mentoring program that will help them improve the application of IP rights to reach new business goals and assist in facilitating access to funds or business opportunities. The ceremony for the award will be held in Geneva in July 2023, and include numerous networking opportunities. International recognition, promotion, and visibility are also helpful.

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WIPO Global Awards 2023-2024:


  • Switzerland


  • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

Field Of Study:

  • Business Studies

WIPO Global Awards 2023-2024 Benefits:

  • Promotions in the world Recognition, recognition, and visibility.
  • Take a trip to Geneva to participate in the ceremony to award the winners and other networking events.
  • A customized mentorship program to achieve business goals and help access partnership and funding opportunities.
  • These WIPO Global Awards 2023 are a fantastic opportunity to be acknowledged. It’s also a means to increase the number of applicants, especially those who are from less developed jurisdictions for intellectual property.
  • WIPO Global Awards 2023 are a way to increase the value of the intellectual property being an asset. My only suggestion for you living who live in Africa or any other part of the developing region, in general, should not be afraid to be successful.

WIPO Global Awards 2023-2024 Eligibility Criteria:

Commercialization success of IP

The SME must demonstrate a thorough understanding and ability to apply IP rights (or the combination of these rights) to safeguard the rights of their customers, manage and market new products, services, or creative content and other intangible assets, such as data, to meet goals for business or corporate beyond the borders of their home countries.

Positive contribution to the social sphere

The positive impact of SMEs’ current or potential contribution on the social, economic, and cultural levels not just concerns of inclusiveness, environment, and gender.

The diversity of the award contestants

When deciding on the winner the jury will adhere to an inclusive approach and diversity in terms of geographical representation and the development level in the country of origin of the contestants.

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Application Procedure For WIPO Global Awards 2023-2024:

1- Fill out the application form which is available in the 6 UN officially recognized languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, or Spanish).

Participants should explain in particular how they have used IP rights to leverage corporate success, including the economic/social/cultural contribution, and the efforts made to promote gender equality and development challenges.


  • Sharing of sensitive information is not required.
  • It is best if it is executed by the CEO or the executive head of the business.
  • Create a video to pitch your candidature.

2- The WIPO Secretariat will select a shortlist of 20 nominees from all the applications received in time. Twenty nominees are announced via the WIPO media outlets to provide recognition and increase visibility.

3- WIPO Global Awards 2023 has an international jury of top-level individuals who are known for their achievements on the international stage and their knowledge of IP and diverse areas of technology, business creative industries, investment, and innovation. The jury from around the world will choose between 7 and 7 winners. Winners will be informed directly to arrange for any further arrangements.

4- Winners will be revealed during an official announcement. Winners, along with mentors, jurors, sponsors, and other high-level participants, are invited to the Awards Ceremony in Geneva, to be held as an event of its own during the WIPO General Assembly in July 2023.

WIPO Global Award 2023-2024 Selection Criteria:

  • The understanding of IP rights.
  • Ability to utilize IP rights to protect commercial IP assets.
  • A positive contribution towards the areas of development from one or several nations.
  • Diversity and inclusion

Application Deadline:

The deadline for applications to the WIPO Global Awards 2023 competition runs between January 16 and March 31. The competition will be open to SMEs across the globe that are active in all areas of the economy, whether in agriculture, technology or creative industries, or anything else. We are open to applications that incorporate any form of IP which ranges from copyright to patents, trademarks, as well as geographical designations.



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