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 Hispanic scholarship fund Benefits

Extension Announcement The Phase 1 of the Hispanic scholarship fund Program application has been extended until 15 March 2023 at 5:59 PM (P.T.).

When you become Hispanic scholarship fund Scholar, You will be able to access HSF’s renowned Scholar Support Services in addition to will be eligible for the scholarship you desire, contingent on the funds available.

  • Each year HSF chooses up to 10,000 outstanding college students to become HSF Scholars from a diverse well-rounded pool of candidates.
  • HSF Scholars can access an extensive array of Support Services for Scholars, which include mentoring, career services learning, leadership development, learning and development, as well as health and wellness education
  • Career services access selected internships and job opportunities through HSF corporate partners.
  • HSF Scholars can apply to all Scholar Conferences, which include, but are not limited to, for instance, the STEM Summit, Finance Conference, Media & Entertainment Summit, Entrepreneurship Summit, and Healthcare Summit
  • Access to The HSF Insider, which shares invaluable information and career opportunities
  • In addition, and most importantly, HSF awards more than $30 million in scholarships each year. Depending on funding availability, HSF Scholars may also be eligible for scholarships, which can range from $500 to $5,000 and are awarded directly to students.

Hispanic scholarship fund Financial Coverage

Scholars are chosen according to merit. The awards range between $500 and $5,000, depending on the need.

Eligibility Requirements For Hispanic scholarship fund

  • Should belong to Hispanic heritage
  • U.S. citizen, permanent legal resident or DACA
  • The minimum requirement is a 3.0 GPA on the 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for high school students. Minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) for graduate and college students.
  • The plan is to enroll full-time in an accredited, not-for-profit or public four-year university or graduate school in the U.S. in the 2022-2023 academic calendar year.
  • Send all the FAFSA and state financial aid forms (if appropriate)
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Abby Sobrato Scholarship for LCPA Alumni

  • Scholarship Description
  • The scholarship was set up to offer more opportunities to students who attend Latino College Prep Academy (LCPA), Luis Valdez Leadership Academy (LVLA) and B. Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy (RCLA), located in San Jose, California, by providing significant scholarships which will help students gain college access as well as success. The selection committee will look at students who have demonstrated academic ability, engagement in school or community activities, and have contributed to their college in a meaningful manner. Candidates must be graduates from the Latino College Prep Academy (LCPA) and intend to attend an academically rigorous two- or four-year vocational or college as either full-time or part-time students. You must be a U.S. citizen or a non-citizen eligible with a minimum grade point of 2.5. To learn more or apply, go to the scholarship provider’s website.

The Diversity Scholarship of the ABA

  • Scholarship Description
  • The ABA Diversity Scholarship focuses on expanding the reach of historically underrepresented groups within the management and operation of the transportation, tourism, and travel industries. Candidates who qualify must have an identified subject or research relevant to the transport and travel industry. Candidates must write a 500-word essay describing the role they intend to be able to play in the advancement of the motorcoach, transportation and travel business. For more information and to apply, visit the organization’s website offering the scholarship.

ABF Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

It is the American Bar Foundation (ABF) Undergraduate Research Fellows working with ABF faculty as research assistants in the Summer term of the academic year. We are particularly impressed with students who exhibit a strong dedication to their work and intellectual curiosity and take the initiative when interacting with their mentors by asking questions and showing genuine curiosity about their research. The preference will be given to those with a low percentage of representation, including but not exclusively first-generation or poor-income students and students of race. Applications will only be considered from students currently attending schools and colleges within the United States. Candidates must complete a minimum of two academic years within their undergraduate degree and not have earned an undergraduate degree when the fellowship starts. All Fellows work for 35 hours per week at the Chicago, IL, office. Fellows are also part of an array of seminars in the office and information sessions with lawyers to learn about the numerous aspects of socio-legal studies and the legal system and create an opportunity to build long-term professional connections in socio-legal research.

Past Fellows consulted with lawyers of an internationally-based law firm as well as an intellectual property boutique (I.P.) lawyer firm. The group also met with representatives of admissions at local law colleges and Zoomed with social justice-focused organizations like The Cabrini Green Legal Aid and Uptown People’s Law Center. This fellowship aims to expose students to the advantages and challenges of a research-oriented job in law or social science and to offer guidance on the various career choices available to lawyers. Priority will be given to those aspiring to become first-generation law students. Candidates must be sophomores at a university or college located in the U.S., studying law or social sciences, and have at least a GPA that is 3.0. For more information and to apply, visit the organization’s website that offers the scholarship.

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Fastweb Scholarships 2022-2023 | Fully Funded

List of Hispanic scholarship fund

ACF Carl F. Scott Scholarship Fund for Tucumcari Lodge No. 27 $2,000 04/07/2023
ACHE Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship $5,000 03/31/2023
ACS Scholars Program $5,000 03/01/2023
Actuarial Diversity Scholarship Varies 06/01/2022
Advanced Energy’s STEM Diversity Scholarship $20,000 02/28/2023
Advantage Iowa Award $8,000 02/01/2023
Advocates for African Americans Carolinas Scholarship $2,000 03/04/2023
AEP Diversity in the Environmental Profession Student Scholarship $1,000 09/10/2022
AFSCME Union Scholars Program Summer Internship Varies 02/28/2023
AIA /Architects Foundation Diversity Advancement Scholarship $20,000 Varies
AIA Chicago Foundation Graduate Diversity Scholarship $10,000 03/20/2023
AIA Chicago Foundation Undergraduate Diversity Scholarship $10,000 05/03/2023
AICPA Fellowships for Minority Doctoral Students $12,000 05/30/2022
AICPA Scholarship for Minority Accounting Students $10,000 03/01/2023
AIFS-HACU Scholarship – Semester Study Abroad Varies Varies
ALCOA Fund Scholarship Varies 03/14/2023
Alice Belkin Memorial Scholarship $4,000 01/31/2023
Alma Exley Scholarship Varies 10/31/2022
American Association of Blacks in Energy Scholarship $5,000 03/03/2023
American Library Association Spectrum Scholarship $5,000 03/01/2023
American Transmission Co. Scholarship $1,125 Varies
AMS Minority Scholarships $6,000 02/03/2023
Annual Sphinx Competition $50,000 10/20/2022
AOA/AOSA Opportunities in Optometry Grants $1,500 Varies
APA Foundation Scholarship Varies 06/12/2022
APA Judith McManus Price Scholarship Varies 04/30/2023
APSA Minority Fellowship Program Varies Varies
ASA Minority Fellowship Program $18,000 01/31/2023
Augustana University Diversity Scholarships $1,000 Varies
Austin McWhite Foundation Scholarship Varies 04/02/2023
Avisen Legal’s Business Law Scholarship $1,000 06/30/2022
BABOR Breaking Boundaries Esthetics Scholarship $3,125 Varies
Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship $10,000 05/27/2022
Bechtel Corporation Scholarship $5,000 Varies
BLM² Scholarship Foundation College Scholarship $1,000 07/03/2022
Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program for High School Seniors $10,000 03/08/2023
Brittany Bowers Beauty & Brains Scholarship $1,500 05/15/2022
Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship $5,000 04/01/2023
Brown Girls Do College Scholarship $1,000 06/30/2022
Brown Mae Foundation Education Scholarship $1,000 04/30/2023
Brown Mae Foundation Healthcare Scholarship $1,000 04/30/2023
California Hispanic Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) $2,500 12/31/2022
Cargill Global Scholars Program $5,000 03/15/2023
CCI Hispanic Scholarship $1,000 07/15/2022
Ceiba Diversity Scholarship $20,000 10/15/2022
CGCS-Bernard Harris Scholarship Program $5,000 05/06/2023
Chips Quinn Scholars Program Varies 10/01/2022
Chris Goughnour Latino Scholarship $500 08/15/2022
CIEF Scholarships in Architecture $20,000 03/11/2023
CINTAS Foundation Brandon Fradd Fellowship in Music Composition $20,000 05/01/2023
CLA Scholarship for Minority Students in Memory of Edna Yelland $2,500 04/12/2023
Climate Adaptation Scientists of Tomorrow Program Varies 12/20/2022
Colgate-Palmolive Haz la U Educational Grant Program Varies 12/06/2022
Completing the Dream Gap Scholarship $2,500 03/08/2023
COMTO North Texas Scholarship $2,500 03/31/2023
Corris Boyd Scholars Program $40,000 05/01/2023
CSF Fiesta Queen Scholarship and Pageant $3,000 05/31/2022
Cuidado Casero Foundation Nursing Scholarship $5,000 05/30/2022
CUNY Becas Scholarship Program $7,000 01/31/2023
Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation Scholarship $2,000 02/21/2023
Datadog Upward Scholarship $15,000 03/01/2023
Dave Caldwell Scholarship $5,000 12/21/2022
David Hudak Memorial Essay Contest for Freethinking Students of Color $3,500 05/31/2022
David Sankey Minority Scholarship in Meteorology $1,000 04/05/2023
Davila/Trevino Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Varies
DGV Scholarship Program $5,000 02/25/2023
DHS Summer Research Team Program for Minority Serving Institutions $700 02/18/2023
Diversity in Structural Engineering Scholarship $5,000 04/29/2023
Diversity Scholars Program $4,000 03/31/2023
Doreen Montalvo ‘Do It Anyway’ Scholarship $1,000 02/05/2023
Dr. Nicholas Vacc Scholarship (Doctoral) $5,000 07/31/2022
Dream In Color Grant $5,000 03/31/2023
East Kings County Alumnae Chapter Scholarship $2,500 04/03/2023
Eden Green Diversity in Agriculture Award $2,500 03/31/2023
EmPOWERED To Serve Scholars Program $5,000 09/10/2022
EPP Undergraduate Scholarship Program $45,000 01/31/2023
ESA Foundation Computer and Video Game Arts Scholarship Varies 04/15/2023
Esperanza Scholarship Fund Varies 03/16/2023
Excelen-SIA Academic Scholarship $1,500 06/30/2022
FCHCC Achieving the Dream Scholarship Varies 07/31/2022
Featherstone HBCU Scholarships at Coppin State University $3,000 03/28/2023
Featherstone HBCU Scholarships at Morgan State University $3,000 03/28/2023
FJ Pollack / Maestro Cares Foundation Scholarship Fund $6,000 10/31/2022
Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program $5,000 03/14/2023
For A Bright Future Scholarship Program $10,000 05/30/2022
Forward Freethought First in the Family Humanist Scholarship $5,000 06/26/2022
FTE Fellowships for Latino/a, Asian and First Nations Doctoral Students Varies 02/01/2023
Fund for Education Abroad – DC Area Scholarship $10,000 01/10/2023
Fund for Education Abroad – Minnesota Scholarship $10,000 01/10/2023
Fund for Education Abroad – PDX Abroad Scholarship $10,000 01/10/2023
Gensler Diversity Scholarship $20,000 12/09/2022
George A. Strait Minority Scholarship Varies 04/01/2023
GLCO Visionaries Scholarship $10,000 04/01/2023
GMiS California Medical Scholarships $5,000 10/01/2022
Goizueta Foundation Leadership Pipeline Scholarship Fund $10,000 02/13/2023
Goizueta Foundation Scholars Fund Varies 02/28/2023
Golden Door Scholars $30,000 10/25/2022
Goldman Sachs Scholarship for Excellence $15,000 Varies
GRCF Achille & Irene Despres, William and Andre Scholarship Varies 03/01/2023
GRCF Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids Minority Scholarship Varies 03/01/2023
GRCF Hackett Family Scholarship Varies 03/01/2023
GRCF Miller Johnson West Michigan Diversity Law School Scholarship $5,000 03/01/2023
GRCF Warner Norcross & Judd Law School Scholarship Varies 03/01/2023
GRCF Warner Norcross & Judd Paralegal and Legal Secretarial Scholarship Varies 04/01/2023
HACU & Southwest Airlines ¡Lánzate!/Take Off! Travel Award Program Varies 04/29/2023
Haz La U (Make the U) Scholarship $10,000 11/14/2022
Helen and Allen Brown Scholarship $1,000 Varies
Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards $1,000 12/06/2022
Hispanic Scholarship Consortium Scholarship Program Varies 04/30/2023
Historically Underrepresented Groups Scholarship (HUGS) Varies 01/29/2023
HSF Scholarship $5,000 02/15/2023
HSF/VAMOS Scholarship Varies 03/05/2023
Hudson & Holland Scholars Program $6,000 03/01/2023
Interpublic Group Scholarship and Internship Varies 01/31/2023
IU National Hispanic Scholarship $4,000 Varies
Jacobs/CH2M Holly A. Cornell Scholarship $10,000 12/21/2022
Jeff Sein Kwan Yang Memorial Scholarship $1,000 06/30/2022
John & Francesca Vera Community Leadership Scholarship $2,500 02/04/2023
Johnathan T. Leonard Memorial Scholarship $4,000 05/12/2023
José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund $2,000 04/01/2023
Jose Rivera-Alers Scholarship Application $2,500 12/02/2022
Joseph S. Murphy Scholarship for Diversity in Labor $30,000 03/16/2023
Joseph Zukin Jr. Scholarship For Entrepreneurship $5,000 06/16/2022
Journalism Institute for Media Diversity Scholarships Varies Varies
Journey Toward Ordained Ministry Scholarship $5,000 Varies
Katherine B. Ross Education Scholarship $1,920 12/31/2022
Kearns Louis-Jean Memorial Scholarship $1,000 06/30/2022
Kennedy Center Next Generation Leaders Scholarship Program $4,500 02/02/2023
LAGRANT Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships $2,500 02/28/2023
Latino Social Work Coalition Scholarship $1,500 05/30/2022
Latinx LIFE Scholarship $1,000 03/25/2023
Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund $5,000 05/01/2023
Leo and Trinidad Sanchez Scholarship $4,500 04/04/2023
Leonard M. Perryman Communications Scholarship for Racial Ethnic Minority Students $2,500 03/15/2023
Los Angeles Hispanic PR Association Scholarship $1,000 06/01/2022
MALDEF Law School Scholarship Program $2,000 12/31/2022
Mary Hill Davis Ethnic/Minority Scholarship Program $1,000 05/31/2022
Mas Family Scholarship Program Varies 11/04/2022
Matthew Tobin Cappetta Archaeological Scholarship $2,500 Varies
McDonald’s® HACER® National Scholarship $100,000 02/05/2023
McDonald’s USA + Roland S. Martin HBCU Scholarship $15,000 02/28/2023
META Foundation Scholarships $6,000 03/31/2023
Michigan Chronicle/TCF Bank Students Wired for Achievement and Greatness Scholarship Awards $20,000 04/09/2023
Milliman Opportunity Scholarship $5,000 04/29/2023
Minorities In Government Finance Scholarship $10,000 01/18/2023
Minority Advertising Scholarships $10,000 Varies
Minority Corporate Counsel Association LMJ Scholarship Program $10,000 06/01/2022
Minority Natural Resource Scholarship $1,000 01/31/2023
Minority Scholarship in Classics and Classical Archaeology Varies 12/10/2022
Minority Teacher Education Scholarship $4,000 Varies
Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship Program $5,000 03/01/2023
Morgan Stanley Richard B. Fisher Scholarship Program Varies Varies
Moss Adams Scholarship $1,000 04/30/2023
MPower Artist Grants Varies 02/17/2023
NAACP X SA Scholarship $5,000 05/20/2022
NACME Scholars (Block Grant) Program $16,000 Varies
NAHJ Scholarships $10,000 02/17/2023
NAIOP Diversity Student Scholarship $5,000 03/30/2023
National Hispanic Business Women Association Educational Scholarship Varies 03/27/2023
National Press Club Scholarship for Journalism Diversity $2,500 03/01/2023
NBCC Foundation Military Scholarship $8,000 07/31/2022
NBCC Minority Fellowship Program for Addictions Counselors (Master’s) $15,000 Varies
NBCC Minority Fellowship Program for Mental Health Counselors (Doctoral) $20,000 12/15/2022
NBCC Minority Fellowship Program for Mental Health Counselors (Master’s) $10,000 12/15/2022
NESS NextGen Scholarship Varies 04/08/2023
NMF General Scholarships $10,000 09/25/2022
NOPHNRCSE Scholarship Varies 05/01/2023
Northwest Farm Credit Services Minority Scholarship $2,500 03/01/2023
NSHSS Foundation STEM Scholarships $1,000 10/15/2022
Ofield Dukes Multicultural Student Award $1,000 05/31/2022
Ohio News Media Foundation Minority Scholarship $750 05/23/2022
OHM Advisors Diversity Scholarship $1,000 11/30/2022
Oracle Developer Scholars Program $10,000 02/06/2023
Organization of Latino Actuaries Scholarship $7,500 04/14/2023
Page Education Foundation Grants $2,500 05/01/2023
Palmetto Fellows Scholarships $29,200 Varies
Phyllis G. Meekins Scholarship $5,000 02/01/2023
PIMCO Future Leaders Scholarship $20,000 04/03/2023
Pittsburgh Metro Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation Scholarship Fund $2,000 05/31/2022
Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarships $5,000 04/30/2023
Proyecto H.A.C.E.R. College Book Scholarship $1,000 05/31/2022
PRSA Diversity Multicultural Scholarship $1,500 05/31/2022
Puckett Scholars Program $4,000 02/01/2023
Ralph W. Shrader Graduate Diversity Scholarship $3,000 04/30/2023
Robert Toigo Foundation Fellowship $1,000 03/22/2023
RTDNF Carole Simpson Scholarship $2,000 02/03/2023
RWA Internship Housing Stipend $4,000 04/03/2023
Safari Scholars Program $1,000 11/30/2022
Sage Michaela Lucas Timing is Everything Scholarship $5,000 Varies
Scholarship for Diversity in Media $30,000 03/31/2023
Scholarship Program For a Better Life Varies 09/25/2022
Seeds of Fortune Inc. Scholars with Yale Women in Economics $500 01/31/2023
Sidney B. Williams, Jr. Scholar Program $30,000 04/01/2023
Silicon Valley Community Foundation Latinos In Technology Scholarship $30,000 04/03/2023
Smith Diversity Scholarship $25,000 12/15/2022
SmithGroup Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Program $6,000 10/29/2022
SOD Pearl Anna Neal Scholarship Varies 02/07/2023
SOULE Foundation Scholarship $2,500 03/01/2023
Spectrum Scholarship $20,000 04/18/2023
Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship $10,000 11/18/2022
STEM Stars Actuarial Scholars Program $20,000 05/15/2022
Stewardship Scholarship Essay Contest $1,000 11/29/2022
Study Abroad Scholarship in BiH for American Minority Students $2,000 Varies
Synchrony Scholarship for Autistic Students of Color $3,000 05/02/2023
Taylor University Cultural Diversity Scholarship Varies 03/15/2023
Tennessee Minority Teaching Fellows Program $5,000 Varies
The Alice Mann Civics/ Community Service Scholarship: Promoting Diversity in Civic/ Community Service $5,000 05/01/2023
The Arthur L Salmon Law Scholarship: Promoting Diversity in Law $5,000 05/01/2023
The Desire To Inspire Scholarship $1,500 06/05/2022
The DYMON Scholarship $1,500 05/15/2022
The Esther Ngan-ling Chow and Mareyjoyce Green Scholarship $18,000 04/01/2023
The Gates Scholarship Varies 09/15/2022
The Generation Google Scholarship $10,000 12/04/2022
The Groove Fund, Inc. Scholarship $1,000 04/30/2023
The HACU Scholarship Program $2,125 05/28/2022
The Hulede Collegiate Golf Scholarship $1,225 09/01/2022
The Jackie Robinson Foundation $30,000 01/12/2023
The Joseph Branch Stem Award: Promoting Diversity in STEM $5,000 05/01/2023
The Leon Bradley Scholarship $3,500 05/31/2022
The Miranda Scholarship $5,000 Varies
The NAVSEA Scholars Program $10,000 Varies
The Ralph Carter Art Scholarship: Promoting Diversity in the Arts $5,000 05/01/2023
The Rise Foundation Scholarship $500 06/03/2022
The Rossiter Family Scholarship On Behalf of William J. Rizzo, Jr. $10,000 12/07/2022
The Tennille Paredes Financial Literacy Scholarship Promoting Diversity in Finance $5,000 05/01/2023
TheDream.US National Scholarship $33,000 02/28/2023
TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship $80,000 01/31/2023
TLF Scholarship Program $3,750 02/28/2023
Transform Rhode Island Scholarship $25,000 01/31/2023
Treasure Her Scholarships $1,000 04/30/2023
TWP Veronica Munoz Scholarship $1,000 07/26/2022
UNCF CVS Health Foundation Health Care Careers Scholarship $20,000 04/01/2023
UNCF Olay Face the Stem Gap Scholarship $5,000 05/31/2022
UNCF Parkview Health Corporate Scholars Internship Program Varies 05/23/2022
Underrepresented in Medicine Visiting Student Scholarship $1,000 05/01/2023
United Methodist GBHEM Racial-Ethnic Specific Scholarships Varies Varies
University of Central Florida National Hispanic Scholarship Varies Varies
University of Illinois President’s Award Program $20,000 Varies
University of Miami Ronald A. Hammond Scholarship Varies 11/01/2022
University of Texas Gates Scholarship Varies 09/15/2022
University of Washington Diversity Scholarship $40,000 01/15/2023
Univision Houston Beca Varies 03/25/2023
USDA National Needs Fellowships – PhD level $20,739 12/01/2022
VAMOS Scholarship Varies 04/02/2023
VAMOS/UTRGV Scholarship Varies 02/15/2023
Visual Arts Scholarship $4,000 04/01/2023
Wayne Anthony Butts Scholarship $5,000 03/16/2023
Western Digital Scholarship Program $5,000 04/02/2023
Wild Fish For All Scholarship $1,000 09/15/2022
William A. Crawford Minority Teacher Scholarship Varies 08/31/2022
Winemaking Scholarship Varies 05/31/2022
Woodard and Curran Scholarship $5,000 12/21/2022
Wyoming Space Grant Undergraduate Fellowships $5,000 03/15/2023

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