How to find Scholarships abroad? Scholarship guide 2022-2023

How to earn a scholarship to study abroad in 2022-2023?

How to find Scholarships Abroad? If you are planning to study abroad then you may know that the tuition fees and your living costs make a large budget. Fortunately, scholarships give the required financial support to many needy students.
In this article, we will answer your below questions.

What is a scholarship, how you can distinguish it from grants and loans?

  • Who is eligible to apply?
  • How to apply for a scholarship?
  • How to get access to different scholarships?
  • What varieties of scholarships are out there?

 What is a scholarship?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a scholarship is “an amount of money given by a school, college, university or organization to pay for the studies of a person with great ability but little money”. Also, some scholarships are helping students regardless of their academic abilities.

 Difference between Scholarship and Grants

Both are awarded as gifts, you don’t need to pay them back. Although, grants are usually need-based, often given to students who cannot afford the costs of study. In contrast, scholarships are mostly awarded based on some abilities that may be academic, athletic, artistic, or speaking.

Difference between Scholarship and student loans

A student loan is an amount, which you need to pay back with the interest or sometimes without interest. This can help you to get up from a financial crisis but afterward, when you get back, you need to pay it.

Who is eligible to apply for  scholarships abroad?

The person who meets the requirement of a scholarship can apply. Yes, it’s a very general answer; let’s come to the specific, some scholarships target a specific type of students. Always check for the last date of submission and if it is only for national, international students, or both.

Some most common requirements of an application are below.

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How to apply for scholarships abroad?

If you plan to apply for a study abroad scholarship then start preparing your documents. Generally, an application process looks like this:

  1. Complete the online application form and register yourself.
  2. Make sure you have received the confirmation email.
  3. Compose a personal statement or essay. Your statement essay should be original so that you can impress through your unique thoughts and ideas.
  4. Get evidence of your achievements or recognitions. Describe the achievements if necessary, it mostly is.
  5. Get official documents of your low-income status or nationality.
  6. Proofread all the documents before you submit them.
  7. Submit an acceptance letter of the university. Scholarship providers want confirmation that you have been accepted.
  8. Mostly, University or college receives your scholarship money directly to cover your tuition fee or other costs.

How to get access to different scholarships abroad?

The official websites of the institutions you want to apply are the best sources to get access to scholarships. If you don’t find it on the website, you can also contact a representative for help.

Some websites are as below that may can help you

The official study abroad pages of individual countries also offer information about scholarships:

Other Websites that provide best information About scholarships


Secondly, you can get access by using other sources on the internet but nowadays it is quite difficult to get the accurate or authentic information.

What varieties of scholarships are out there?

Below are the most common scholarships you can apply for your studies abroad:

  • Scholarships for extraordinary academic performance.
  • Scholarships for excellent research, artistic, or athletic abilities.
  • Scholarship for low-income students.
  • Scholarships for under-represented groups (women, special persons, citizens from developing countries)
  • Scholarships for all international students.

Scholarship for extraordinary academic performance

You need top academic achievements to apply for this scholarship. Mostly, universities and colleges offer this type of scholarship along with the admission offer; check out for details in the admission form or website.

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Scholarship for excellent research, artistic, or athletic abilities

You need good research, sports, or athletic skills, or achievements for this scholarship. This type of scholarship is very common in the US but you will also find it in other countries.

Bachelors Degree Studies in Italy 2021-2022

Scholarship for low-income students

This scholarship is more like a grant, which aims to support the students who belong to poor families who cannot bear their study costs. Universities and different organizations offer this scholarship with the hope that future graduates will contribute to their communities. 

Scholarship for under-represented groups

These scholarships aim to support the individuals who don’t have enough representation in the community. Different organizations offer this scholarship to empower underrepresented groups of the community.

Scholarships for international students

Some none governmental organizations offer scholarships for international students. This aims to promote higher education. This still may have some requirements that will be broad, not focused on a specific region or ability


We are pleased to have Dr. Bano as Our Guest Author. She is PhD in Chemical engineering and have many distinctions for her outstanding performance in Research. She is winner of Many national and International Scholarships.

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