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World Trade Organization Internship Programs 2023 offers some of the most rewarding internship opportunities to hardworking, intelligent, and enthusiastic students from all around the globe. Open to postgraduates who partner with this globally acclaimed organization for practical experience within cutting-edge environments – this opportunity may help broaden knowledge while expanding capabilities so you can land opportunities that best match you – earning yourself an internship certificate can add an attractive element to any profile!

Working alongside WTO can help you to respect different cultures, work in unity, and advance nations by finding solutions for trade challenges. Your experience gained by working alongside WTO is also rewarding as it will teach you about its workings as well as trade policy with greater clarity – this internship program may include financial, human resource, administration/IT issues/communication management as well as managing information with regards to trade laws/economic policy policy etc.

World Trade Organization internship opportunities provide international internship experiences under top-ranked supervisors at top organizations worldwide. WTO serves as the sole global body that governs trading regulations between nations; world trading nations sign and seal agreements which are then approved by their legislatures for approval by WTO. Their primary mission is ensuring trade occurs smoothly, safely and unhindered while meeting developing nations’ demands in an open trade environment – but each nation’s legislature still must approve these accords first!

World Trade Organization Internship 2023:


  • Switzerland


  • WTO


  •  Up to 10 months


  •  Bachelor’s degree


  • WTO member countries

World Trade Organization Internship 2023 Benefits:

  • Interns receive a competitive daily pay rate of CHF 60 as an Intern. By becoming one, gain invaluable knowledge about your field while working in a realistic working environment – both of which will widen both international reach and professional networks.
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of global trade practices across different nations by participating in an internship.
  • Health insurance coverage for medical purposes is mandatory in Switzerland for both interns and employees at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Insurance must be secured before beginning work at WTO.

World Trade Organization Internship 2023 Eligibility Criteria:

For internship programs offered under World Trade Organization (WTO) Programs for Internships 2023, applicants need to fulfill several requirements as listed here:

  • Candidates for membership in one of the World Trade Organization (WTO) member nations must be citizens.
  • Recent graduates, students, or new professionals can submit applications. Ideally applicants between 21-30 years old.
  • Applications with academic backgrounds in economics, international trade, politics, and law as well as related disciplines will be accepted; at least one of the official WTO languages – English, French, or Spanish – must also be included on your application form.
  • Interns should adhere to an agreed-upon timeframe during their internship experience.

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Application procedure For World Trade Organization Internship 2023:

Are You Want to Apply to World Trade Organization Internship Programs 2023? Here Are Your Instructions.

  • Make your way over to the official WTO site to access their application portal and check eligibility requirements to determine if you meet them. Before beginning your application process make sure all required documents, such as an application, resume cover letters and transcripts from academic studies are ready and waiting in an envelope or folder for you.
  • Fill in an online application form with accurate, current information. Utilise the documents required in the format you have specified for upload. Before applying by the deadline, thoroughly examine your application for issues or errors before finalising it.
  • Verify any correspondence from the WTO related to your status as an applicant.

Application Deadline:

As World Trade Organization Internship Programs 2023 applications remain unannounced, candidates should submit their submission before that date to ensure consideration for one or more programs.

Apply Now  Official Site:

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